Bedroom update

There was an unpleasant, mouldy surprise waiting for us in the bedroom when we moved into our new apartment two weeks ago.
The mould is now gone. Room has been cleaned and refurbished. Painters asked us what paint colour we want, we said “rose white” (landlord’s decision), they said “ok”, and for some mysterious reason… we’ve ended up with peach walls:) I’ve got no idea how this has happened (mistake at the store perhaps ?). I’m ok with the results, don’t know about the landlord though. Although refurbished, bedroom still looks a bit cold and unloved- just those peachy walls and white furniture.
This room definitely needs decorating! I’m thinking: more lights,wall decor,cushions, vase with decorative twigs, tall plants.
I’ve got white curtains that I really want to use, but this room desperately needs colour.What would you do to make this space warm,vibrant and cozy? Can’t wait to read your ideas 🙂

Bedroom update

Bedroom update Bedroom update


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6 thoughts on “Bedroom update

  1. I think the wood iin the room already adds some warmth and so do the ‘pink’ walls!

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  3. another way to go is find a beautiful rug and then use those colors in the rest of the room…. throw pillows, bedspread,etc…,the works!!. can’t wait to see what you do with the room….and the rest of the apartment.

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  5. I was also thinking bedding, pillows, and rug. Maybe, in a bright peachy color to go with the walls.

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