Upside down house !

Built just for fun (and to make your head spin) !
Upside down house

The house is located in Szymbark (Poland) and is well known tourist atraction.

Upside down house

Upside down house

upside down house

And the most awesome thing is that the whole interior is upside-down too! When you’re inside you are unable to walk normally,you’re automatically bending to one side, you feel dizzy, your  brain knows that what you see it’s not what you get!

Upside down house

Upside down house

Upside down house

Upside down house

As you can see it is not very clean inside, but I would give cleaning team a pass, because it is almost impossible to clean when your whole world is literally upside-down!







between naps on the porch





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3 thoughts on “Upside down house !

  1. Amy @ Permanent Kisses says:

    Like Mrs. PIggle-Wiggle’s house! Fun share.

  2. […] you thing I should move to upside down house or to a Munsters Mansion? […]

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