Go apartment hunting with me!

It’s hard to write a about our housing situation, because every day brings new apartment drama and new decisions (totally different from decisions we’ve made the day before). So before I do proper update, I would like you to go apartment hunting with me. I would like to show you the most cramped and sloppy looking places I’ve recently found on renting websites.

Prepare yourself for really (I mean REALLY) fancy stuff 😀

Beautiful bedrooms:
fancy bedroom


Bathrooms to die for:
bathroom blue

bathroom blue


blue bathroom

Shower in the bedroom- how practical! 😉

Spacious kitchens:

Invasion of  colour:

red carpet

And prices were quite high !

Is it just me or are these really bad?  Maybe I’m just a spoiled brat…

Let me know what you think. Would you consider renting one of these?




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between naps on the porch



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12 thoughts on “Go apartment hunting with me!

  1. I didn’t care for any of them. No. You are NOT a spoiled brat.

  2. Keep looking Mila something great and in your price range will show up. I will pray for you. XX Jo

  3. This was funny 🙂 Keep looking / you will find the right one for you 🙂

  4. Mila, Keep looking I will pray you find better. Thank You for the laughs. Hugs and prayers.

  5. Can you do a “Househunters International” trick and hire a local broker who can find better options for you? Those apartments are ridiculous. One at least deserves a bathroom one can move!

  6. I remember the house hunting days and I don’t envy you! Ugh! I hope you find a place soon, there’s a lot of stinkers out there! 😉

  7. Yes,you’re a spoiled brat. Doesn’t everyine need a bathroom in their bedroom?

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