We went furniture junking…


We visited our local second-hand furniture shop the other day. I was looking for a funky dresser to refurbish. We didn’t find anything suitable or, to put it more precisely, anything that we’ve both agreed on. Hubby really doesn’t like the idea of refurbishing the old junk. But let’s face it, between ugly monsters from the 80’s, you can find real gems! For example, I’ve spotted few beautiful art deco pieces.

art deco furniture general-information-about-art-deco-furniture

ART DECO FURNITURE  general-information-about-art-deco-furniture

Hubby thinks I’m mad. He hates this style!
I guess he’s more of a ‘American psycho’ decor kind of guy (Yeah, right…Over my dead body we’re doing that!).

Talking about junk….As life of our car is coming to an end (the best car eva!), I was thinking about honouring its hard, long life ( constant home moving, driving across the Europe, transporting endless piles of junk and furniture) by using its engine to make a coffee table.



Bike engine table:


The other awesome idea is to use driftwood or stump as coffee table base.




What road would you go when choosing dresser and coffee table? New, DIY or refurbish?


mila red


between naps on the porch






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6 thoughts on “We went furniture junking…

  1. Refurbish of coarse! I could use a coffee table. I don’t even have one.

  2. That furniture shop looks glorious! I want to plop myself in the middle of it all and have a daydreamy picnic. I neeeeed spring to come so I can be in the garage doing projects! I’m going through withdrawal.

  3. So funny you mention those car engine coffee tables because we were recently looking for new tables and couldn’t agree on a single thing!

  4. I don’t know how I feel about a wooden glass table. If I were to get a wooden table I would like it to be all wooden. There are a lot of those types of tables in Taiwan.

  5. […] would look great on the wall behind the sofa. I was hinting my love for quirky coffee tables before. The truth is, I need one small side table for all the stuff (calendar, pen, phone ) I desperately […]

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