Between sofas and reality…

I was so excited to choose new & shiny sofa! No more ‘I use what’s in a rented house’ stuff! This sofa will be all MINE! I sat in my Google spaceship, started my (search) engine (I’m so clever with my puns ;)) and I found myself somewhere in a galaxy far, far away…

grey sofa



Hubbs’ favourite design.
Just kidding 😀 He hates tufted furniture. I love it though!



teddy bear sofa


At some point, reality kicked in: I have to look at the price & size of that thing (small, unimportant details I forgot about). Don’t get me wrong, big sofas are cool (my parents just bought one at a good price!), but I wanted this area to be as spacious and uncluttered as possible. I didn’t want the sofa to be the most important furniture in the room.
And then I found something very unoriginal, but very cheap and color & size were just perfect!





It was so cheap, that I thought we can just buy it and then replace it at any time without regrets . And believe me, I desperately needed a sofa, because tv programmes about zombies were calling me and I needed a place to sit !
So, hubby went to Ikea and brought a sofa in our supercar ( seriously, how many furniture and junk can one car transport!?).


It’s clearly visible that we’ve used this sofa already. Can you see the spot were I sit? I sit a looot 🙂
I’ve just started exercising again. Well, I did half of a warm up… 🙂 But still, I wasn’t sitting for whole 8 minutes!

I’m planning to add more color and stuff to the sofa area, but more on that in my next post.
I might spare you my awesome photoshop skills this time 🙂




Exquisite Home Decor | Shop



between naps on the porch






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13 thoughts on “Between sofas and reality…

  1. Virtual furniture shopping is the best! I love your new sofa. 🙂
    Dee recently posted…Easy Dipped Lemon SnapsMy Profile

  2. Love it! Can’t wait to see what colors you add. IKEA is great!
    Danielle recently posted…Baby Siero #2: 18 WeeksMy Profile

  3. I love your new sofa! That owl pillow is so cute! It looks great in your new home!
    Cyndee recently posted…Refurbished PianoMy Profile

  4. What a great sofa for a great price. And wow! it makes a bed too!
    Laurie recently posted…PUPPIES AND LAVENDER FOR SPRINGMy Profile

  5. I love the square style. I pretty much want everything at Ikea. Thank goodness our closest one is an hour away!
    Keri recently posted…Peanut butter cheesecake browniesMy Profile

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