Low FODmap ice cream recipe. Coconut milk & berry popsicles.

Low FODmap ice cream recipe.  Homemade coconut milk & berry popsicles.

Low FODmap ice cream recipe.  Homemade coconut milk & berry popsicles.

Delicious, homemade low FODmap ice cream!
The best thing about these? They are reduced sugar, dairy free, gluten free, nut free, soya free, egg free, but JOYFUL!
On top of that they’re full of low fodmap fruits!

You will need ice lolly molds. I used four 75 ml lolly molds. 

Low FODmap ice cream recipe.  Homemade coconut milk & berry popsicles.


mix of frozen low fodmap fruits (4 tablespoons or less).
I used strawberries, blueberries and raspberries mix.

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 condensed coconut milk, enough to fill the molds (around 200 ml)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional)
splash of reduced sugar organic cocoa/chocolate sauce (optional)

Choosing milk for your ice cream.

While choosing condensed coconut milk, try to find as low fodmap milk as possible. You can use evaporated coconut milk which is unsweetened, or you can choose milk with added low fodmap sugars:

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Make sure your milk is gluten free and free from harmful preservatives.

Why reduced sugar?

There’s no need to add any extra sugar to this recipe. These ice pops are full of natural sugars coming only from coconut (if you choose unsweetened evaporated coconut milk) and fruit. If you decide to add naughty, small splash of chocolate sauce & vanilla extract, there will be small amount of sugar coming from those, too. If you want to make this recipe extra healthy, skip chocolate sauce and vanilla extract entirely.
If you would like to indulge, go ahead and use sweetened coconut milk, choco sauce and vanilla extract. It’s all about knowing your limits and keeping healthy balance.


Pour coconut milk, chocolate sauce and vanilla extract into a small pitcher (or measure pitcher), and mix it, so it becomes smooth and creamy. Fill in top of the molds with frozen fruit (don’t defrost them!), and then pour your mixture into the molds. Put them into the freezer for at least 12 hours.

Low FODmap ice cream recipe.  Homemade coconut milk & berry popsicles.

To remove popsicles from the molds: fill in plastic container or pan with warm water, and immerse molds with lollies inside for about 30 seconds (immerse them deep enough to cover ice cream inside). They should pop out easily after that.

Serve and enjoy!

Pictures Source: my own pics & Pexels


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Low FODmap ice cream recipe.  Homemade coconut milk & berry popsicles.

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