Awesome crock pot recipes

Awesome crock pot recipes


Delicious and cheap dinner ideas! Awesome crock pot recipes series.

Cheap dinner ideas, easy to make desserts and more!
Cheap and awesome crock pot recipes for the whole family.

Since I’ve got my crock pot, I’m interested in cooking everything in it. Everything! That’s why I try new recipes all the time. If you have ever wondered if you can cook something in slow cooker and for how long, you probably will find the answer here. Welcome to awesome crock pot recipes page, where you can indulge in slow cooking magic.

List by food type:


Crock pot bbq chicken. Only 3 ingredients!

Kfc chicken. Crock pot style.

Chinese chicken. Crock pot recipe.



Crock pot recipes: spicy ground beef

Cheap dinner ideas: 5 ingredients crock pot beef

Crock pot beef stew



Cranberry BBQ ribs. Crock pot recipe.



Healthy spinach turkey. Crock pot recipe.

Crock pot recipes: turkey.

Creamy, cheesy turkey with rice.

Slow cooked cheesy turkey breasts.


Spicy pumpkin lamb from slow cooker.

Fish and Seafood

Crock pot salmon casserole.

Slow cooker prawns.


Crock Pot Poached Pears.

Delicious chocolate & coconut cake. Crock pot recipe.

Slow cooker apple crumble.

Salted caramel-chocolate & banana dump cake.

Easy christmas sauce.

 Crock pot breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert – roundup

4 totally awesome crock pot recipes.


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Awesome-crock-pot-recipes. Cheap dinner ideas, easy to make desserts and more!
Awesome and cheap crock pot recipes for the whole family.