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Summer of DIY's recap

Summer of DIY’s recap

I never keep up with my plans, because that’s how I roll 😀 I’ve managed to DIY (usually beyond the original plans), so here’s quick recap. DIY nature’s art DIY old lamp makeover DIY driftwood coaster Wooden cat statue makeover Bringing tv corner to life (partially done -tv stand needs to be painted) Spray painting […]
DIY driftwood coaster

DIY driftwood coaster

All you need to make driftwood coasters is mod podge and driftwood pieces (optionally, a small paint brush to spread the glue). I’ve found a lot of great driftwood pieces during the low tide! Use the longest driftwood pieces to create a base (use as flat pieces as possible). Use a glue to attach smaller pieces to the base. […]
DIY lamp makeover

DIY old lamp makeover

Would you like to spruce up your old lamp? Here’s a cheap and easy idea! Supplies: – lamp (hehe) – spray paint – water based paints – brush/sponge/small sponges – painters tape – scissors (needed to cut sponge and tape) Hubby used painters tape to protect cable and lamp fixing, and then he sprayed base […]
Old wooden cat statue makeover

Wooden cat statue makeover

Sometimes we reach end of the road when it comes to some of our decor pieces. We simply grow out of some decor styles . That was the case with my wooden cat statue. It’s still kind of cute, but it doesn’t fit anymore. I wasn’t ready to part with this little fella just yet, so […]
DIY nature's art

DIY nature’s art

In the 70′, an artist (unfortunately, I don’t remember his name) had an idea: to let nature paint pictures. He dipped tree twigs in ink, put blank pages underneath weeping willows’ branches and let the wind and twigs paint the pictures. Well, I didn’t go that far, but I also used nature (leaves) as a […]
Summer of DIY s

Summer of DIY’s challenge & link party.

Thanks for bearing with me during my move and the time when I tried to figure out how to decorate our new home. I finally got some ideas, so it’s time for some serious DIY, furniture makeover & decor projects. There’s going to be lots of spray paint in use. There might even be a […]
sharpie crafts

20+ crafty ways to decorate with sharpies

Another hometalk fun! 20+ crafty ways to decorate with sharpies ! Some of these ideas blow my mind. It’s amazing what simple marker can do to your decor. There’s been an ongoing discussion about making sharpie patterns last forever (especially on jars, mugs and plates). I used some of the pinterest tips while making my […]
Thread Easter Eggs

Thread Easter Eggs!

As I’ve got some leftover water balloons (don’t ask ;)), I thought it’s a great opportunity to have some crafty Easter fun. I decided to make thread Easter eggs. I’m sure you stumbled upon that craft on pinterest or youtube before. To make thread Easter eggs, you will need: -water balloons -colorful thread -mod podge/pva glue -paint […]
Cute Easter Decoration

Cute Easter Decoration

  Me and my obsession with chickens! Almost every Easter decoration of mine features fluffy, faux chicks.I promise, I’ll make something different next time, like ummm… Easter eggs haha! But really, I’m going to make some Easter eggs 😉 To make this simple decor piece, YOU WIILL NEED : decorative pot or bowl, cress (living plant), decorative […]
mason jar luminaries

20 creative mason jar luminaries!

Because I’m obsessed with everything mason jars related, here’s some hometalk fun: awesome jar luminaries! From nautical & patriotic to Halloween and christmasy. Mason jar luminaries are great for every occasion! Happy Crafting! xx Sharing: between naps on the porch tweak-it-tuesday wow-us-wednesdays
Wooden chalkboard name tags

Wooden chalkboard name tags – Christmas craft

To make wooden chalkboard name tags you will need: – wooden board – pencil – ruler – saw – brush x 2 – chalkboard paint – faux decorative twigs – decorative ribbon – pva glue – scissors – chalk   Cutting boards: – Use a pencil and a ruler to mark  your cut (just to make […]
DIY Sharpie Christmas Mugs

DIY Sharpie Christmas Mugs – cute gift idea

DIY Sharpie Christmas Mugs There are plenty cool things you can do with sharpies for Christmas. One of my favourites? Sharpie mugs! It’s a cute and easy craft. And perfect gift for Christmas!   You will need: – oil based sharpie (water resistant) – image/ letters templates (I just googled what I needed :)) – […]
Christmas decor

Everything Christmas!

Christmas DIY and decor round up .I will add links frequently. Enjoy 🙂 Christmas decorations DIY Christmas Jars, Snowglobes (without water) Simple Holiday porch decor idea Christmas pumpkin ‘Frozen’ Christmas branch Christmas jars – tutorial DIY Sharpie Christmas Mugs DIY Christmas luminaries  ‘Reindeer Parking’ Printables Christmas mantel decorating ideas Christmas ‘checklist’ & ‘to do list’ […]
big pumpkin eating a small one

Funny pumpkin carving idea

Funny pumpkin carving idea Simple & cute, commonly known and liked pumpkin carving idea: big pumpkin eating a little one. The pattern is super simple. It took me ten minutes to carve all three pumpkins. I didn’t use any stencils. Happy pumpkin carving! xx Mila PIN ME 🙂 Sharing: moonlight-and-mason-jars treasure-hunt-thursday show-and-tell-friday inspire-please-linky-party
DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin

DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin

  DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin. Easy to make, no fuss pumpkin craft! Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series. You will need: -munchkin pumpkin -anti slug adhesive copper tape (1 roll- 1m) -office hole puncher  Use hole puncher to cut out small dots from copper tape. Stick dots on your pumpkin. You can create […]
little ghoulies

Little Ghoulies- Halloween mason jar craft

Little Ghoulies– Halloween mason jar craft It’s time for yet another Halloween craft! I used leftover jars to make these funny, halloween luminaries. If you like my Little Ghoulies, here’s step by step tutorial! FRANKENSTEIN You will need: – green crepe treamer (Originally, I wanted to make a vampire, but changed my mind halfway through crafting, that’s […]
Glowing in the dark faces

Glowing in the dark faces

Super-easy halloween craft to do with your kids ! To make glowing in the dark faces you will need: – glow in the dark paint – small brush – cardboard – scissors – adhesive tape – pencil Use a pencil to draw eyes ,teeth and nose on the cardboard. Cut out eye & tooth and nose- shaped […]
DIY Jack o lantern from a can

DIY Jack o’ Lantern luminaries (from a can)

DIY Jack o’ Lantern luminaries (from a can). Easy and fun halloween craft!  It’s time for easy and fun halloween craft! Jack o’ Lanterns are (beside all pumpkin crafts) my favourite diy halloween decorations! And I loooove luminaries, so I decided to make simple Jack o’ Lantern from a can. To make these, you will need: […]

Everything Halloween!

With halloween quickly approaching, I decided to make a round up of my halloween ideas! From pumpkin carving ideas and halloween mason jars to scary make up & haunted house tour. I will be adding more fun halloween decorations and crafts, frequently during autumn months! Enjoy! DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin   Halloween House Tour DIY […]
‘End of the Summer’ wreath

‘End of the Summer’ wreath

I’m very sad that Summer is almost over. We didn’t have that much sunny days here in Edinburgh. But hey, I love fall (pumpkinzzzz!) and there is always something interesting going on during the autumn months in Scotland. To celebrate the end of the Summer, I decided to make a simple flower wreath. I used […]