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Plants slugs won't eat. Slug resistant plants. Plants that repel slugs and snails. Plants slugs hate.

Plants slugs won’t eat

 Plants slugs won’t eat!  List of 24 plants slugs and snails won’t eat. Slugs and snails (and their appetite) are common problem for gardeners. It’s ironic, but slugs and snails are needed. Our ecosystem needs them, so I don’t encourage you to kill them, but to simply repel them by planting slug resistant plants. Some […]
Summer garden

Summer in the garden – roundup

I don’t have a garden anymore, but everyday I miss relaxing and working in the garden! Here’s a trip down the memory lane: my favourite ‘summer garden’ posts… Gardener’s Calendar – Summer Summer garden Before and after- garden tour & step by step garden makeover Garden update 24 plants slugs won’t eat xx Sharing: I […]
Garden fall decor

Outdoor fall decorating ideas.

Outdoor fall decorating ideas. Bunch of lovely autumny, patio & garden decorating ideas. Spotted in Germany during October walks. Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series. Charming decorative pumpkin- sultan’s hat (as it is called colloquially). It’s a real beauty, this one! No additional decor needed. Funny scarecrow 🙂 Few ideas from shop vignettes: […]
October patio

Fall patio update

Fall patio update. Hi guys, sorry for not posting anything last week, but the situation with our apartment is getting crazier and crazier (last week in a flash: broken boiler – 3 times in one week, patio door leak, city council inspection- more on that soon, so stay tuned). On a more positive note: patio […]
Fall patio

My fall patio

My fall patio. Funny squirrel, pumpkins and lots of chestnuts! This is how my patio looks like at at the moment. Nasturtiums are out of control! 😉 Yesterday, we caught chestnut thief on the camera! Presenting… Scottish Next Top Model! 😀 I’m pretty sure she likes being photographed 😉 PIN ME 🙂 Part of ‘Little Things […]
Rainy day...

Garden update

That was the first and will be my last summer in this apartment, so I would like to share a quick garden update with you. Some of you may remember our back garden makeover (May 2014). This is how the garden looked like late August an early September… (Before I show you pics, I must […]

Gardener’s Calendar – Autumn

September It’s time for : – planting spring flowering bulbs ( Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths,Irises,Crocuses) – planting perennials – planting trees and shrubs – fertilizing lawns – filling bare lawn spots – seeding new lawns October It’s time for : – cleaning up leaves – weeding – laying turf – picking up herbs – moving tender plants into the greenhouse […]

Front garden update

This is how the front garden looked liked when we’ve got keys to our new apartment (May 2014): This is how it looked liked after some maintenance (I didn’t sew or plant anything new). June 2014 : I really like this small flower bed! This is how it looks now (July 2014)  : Still no […]

Why are we still having a slug problem in our garden?

There are couple of reasons: 1- First of all: because I didn’t listen to my own advice and I planted flowers that are slug magnets. I was lured by beautiful and colourful pansies and nemesias! Slugs bought bigger pants, brought cutlery and had al fresco dinner. 2- I didn’t set traps that worked well in my previous […]
patio furniture

Patio and garden decorating ideas

1 -Decorative terracotta head I love  this decorative head my mum used have on her patio wall ,but I know some people considered it kind of creepy;) Oh, and it was a flower pot too! 2 Metal patio furniture Metal garden furniture reminds me of my childhood – these were quite popular then, there are […]
Summer garden

Gardener’s Calendar – Summer

June It’s time for : – mowing lawns once a week – cutting back axcessive growth – pruning spring flowering shrubs – watering hanging baskets and container regularly – feeding container plants July It’s time for : –  weeding out the beds –  protecting plants from overheating (you can reduce sunlight by leaving pot plants […]
After-my new garden makeover

Before and after- garden tour & step by step garden makeover

We’ve recently moved to our new apartment. I was very excited about my new, small garden, so that was the very first thing I’ve sorted out, whe we’ve moved in. Here’s a little before and after garden tour. Still lots things to do though, so stay tuned for more  garden updates. My garden makeover step […]

Farewell garden tour

Some of you might remember, that we’ve received a notice to leave house we’re currently renting (you can read about here). I’ve decided to make small, farewell garden tour.Enjoy! Summer You can see more summer garden photos here. Fall Spring Sharing: clever-chicks-blog-hop between naps on the porch homestead-barn-hop tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday the-backyard-farming-connection-hop tuesdays-with-a-twist wow-us-wednesdays cast-party-wednesday the-homeacre-hop […]

Gardener’s Calendar- May

It’s time for: – planting annuals – planting herbs – trimming hedges – tidying up daffodil and hyacinth bulbs – sowing vegetables – fertilizing vegetable beds – fertilizing shrubs – removing weeds – watering fruit trees – feeding roses – feeding lawns – removing dead hortensia stems – planting pansies and begonias – protecting roses […]

Gardener’s Calendar- April

It’s time for: Sowing new lawns or repair bare patches Mulching rose and shrub beds Pruning heathers Sowing directly in to  the ground: nasturtium, sunflower, china aster, lavatera trimestris Setting snail traps – read more about it here   What is happening in my  garden : Pruning lantana camara I’ve planted beautiful Lantana Camara last summer. That is […]
Gardener's calendar-March

Gardener’s Calendar-March

It’s time for: Tidying up dead leaves,weeding Mulching,Adding organic soil,Raking Pruning dead branches: read more about pruning roses and fuchsias here. Shaping plants and shrubs: Lavender,Hydrangea,Wisteria,Honeysuckle Planting summer flowering bulbs such as Dahlias, Begonias and Alliums. Put some organic soil and grit/crushed eggshels at the bottom of the planting hole. Planting perennials  : you can read […]

Awesome home and garden hacks

Awesome home and garden hacks. Household hacks hacks & Helpful tips – Home and garden. Make your life easier 🙂 Home- *Use coca-cola and boiling water to unblock the drain in your kitchen sink. * Use a lemon to remove rust stains from your kitchen sink, counters, kitchen utensil and garden ornaments. Gently squeeze out […]
Spring and hungry snails

Spring and hungry snails!

Spring is finally here and we’re trying to make best of it! I really love pansies.Unfortunately, snails consider them a tasty snack! I live in a rainy area so snails are a big problem. I don’t use any chemicals in my garden so here are few eco ideas how to get rid of snails and […]

While waiting for spring bulbs to bloom…

Things to do while waiting for spring: If snow in your area has already melted, you can prepare some of your garden plants for a spring time… Hardy Garden Fuchsias: If top growth has survived winter frost, cut it off. The fuchsias will produce new shoots later in the spring. Roses: April is a good […]