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Healthy salad. 3 ingredient healthy salad. Simple snack idea. Low FODmap (IBS friendly), vegan, gluten free, lactose free. Pomegranate seeds, organic spinach and coconut milk feta.

Healthy salad

Healthy salad  3 ingredient healthy salad. Simple snack idea. If you want to eat healthy, but you know that busy days are on the way, fear not! You can still have healthy, light snack. This one takes 2 minutes to prepare, it’s low FODmap (IBS friendly), vegan, gluten free, lactose free and it’s still very yummy! Ingredients: […]
Egg pizza - simple breakfast idea.

Egg pizza

Egg pizza. Egg pizza – simple breakfast idea. Breakfast can be tricky sometimes. We usually want it to be easy and quick to make. We want it to be tasty and fulfilling (to help us kick start the day). Most of us also want it healthy (and still hassle free). And I’m pretty sure we […]
Homemade Baked Potato Chips

Homemade Baked Potato Chips

Homemade Baked Potato Chips Homemade Baked Potato Chips from potato peelings! Are you a potato chips muncher? Not sure about store-bought chips (and all the preservatives & additives)? I’ve got perfect solution for you: homemade potato peeling crisps! You know exactly what’s going into your snack. They are easy to make and nothing from your […]
Marzipan Valentine's Day Decoration

Cute Edible Marzipan Decoration for Valentine’s Day

‘Love baggage’ – Cute Edible Marzipan Decoration for Valentine’s Day. Love baggage – cute, edible Valentine’s Day decoration (from marzipan!).   To make two pieces you will need: – golden marzipan ready to roll (100 – 200g) – pink icing ready to roll 80g-160g – love-themed sprinkles Instructions: Slightly dust your work surface (you can […]
oven baked salmon

Oven-baked wild pink salmon with coconut oil and sweet chilli sauce

Oven-baked wild pink salmon with coconut oil and sweet chilli sauce. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Aldi. All opinions are my own.  Would you like to eat fancy dinner without ruining your budget? I teamed up with Aldi to show you how easy it is to create luxurious and healthy meal on a tight […]
3 ingredient breakfast idea

3 ingredient breakfast idea

3 ingredient breakfast idea 3 ingredient breakfast idea. Fried egg with goats cheese and dill. IBS friendly, LOW FODMAP, easy to make omelette recipe. Ingredients: one egg, one teaspoon of chopped dill, one slice of goats cheese Optional: drop of olive oil for frying, coarse salt, pepper Instructions: Chop dill and goats cheese slice into […]
Mini Christmas Pies

Mini Christmas Pies

Mini Christmas Pies Mini Christmas Pies. Dough recipe and easy to make filling ideas. I never use yeast when making pizza or pie dough. I know, it’s a controversial statement 😉 . I just really work on the dough (no pun intended!) :- D  After mixing all the ingredients, I knead dough for few minutes […]
Easy Christmas Sauce

Easy christmas sauce

Easy Christmas Sauce. Christmas recipe made easy. Easy to make mixed berries and currants sauce. Easy Christmas sauce you can make far ahead. I’m all about good food and minimal fuss. This easy slow cooker sauce, can be served with desserts and main dishes. You can use it as a filling, freeze it for later, add […]

Easiest apple sauce in the world!

Easiest apple sauce in the world! Only 3 ingredients, easy to make, delicious apple sauce. Fall recipes made easy. In our neighbourhood, in the middle of a humble, green space, grows a beautiful, wild apple tree that produces the best apples in Scotland (my personal opinion:)). Unfortunately, as building site is coming our way, this lovely apple […]

Salted caramel-chocolate & banana dump cake

  Salted caramel–chocolate & banana dump cake. Slow cooker recipe. Part of ‘Awesome crock pot recipes‘ series. Ingredients: 5/6 small ripe bananas, water 100 ml ,crumble mix 225g ,salted caramel (2 tablespoons), one chocolate bar/chocolate flakes/chocolate chips ( alternatively: chopped chocolate bar with salted caramel filling). Instructions: Mash bananas (if very ripe, leave them as […]

Sweet potato & pumpkin fritters

Sweet potato & pumpkin fritters Easy to make, delicious sweet potato & pumpkin fritters. Fall recipe. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of spicy mustard, 2 large or 4 medium sweet potatoes, , 2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree, 1 teaspoon of: salt, warm paprika and ground pepper, 1 egg, flour or gluten free flour ( two small cups), […]

Gluten free apple & pumpkin cupcakes

Delicious gluten free apple & pumpkin cupcakes. Easy to follow recipe. Perfect snack for cozy fall evenings and Halloween party. Ingredients: gluten free shortcrust or puff pastry 400g, pumpkin puree 5 tablespoons, 5 small apples, 4 or 5 teaspoons of sugar, 1 gluten free milk & strawberry chocolate, water 200ml, 1 egg Instructions: Wash, peel […]

Slow cooker apple crumble

Slow cooker apple crumble There’s nothing better than sweet, delicious taste of apple crumble (especially during fall and winter months)! Here’s an easy, no fuss recipe to make in slow cooker. Part of ‘Awesome Crock Pot Recipes‘ series. Ingredients: 150- 200 ml of water, 6 -7 medium sized apples, 4 teaspoons of sugar, ready to […]

Gluten free, sweet potato-pumpkin pizza

Gluten free, sweet potato-pumpkin pizza Gentleness of pumpkin & sweet potatoes combined with cayenne pepper spiciness, gives this dish an unique taste. It’s an awesome bite to eat, perfect for football season and cozy nights in! Ingredients:  1 large / 2 medium or 4 small sweet potatoes, pumpkin puree ( preferably from a can, it […]

Mini lamb cupcakes

Mini lamb cupcakes. Low FODmap, gluten free and organic. Ground lamb–veggie cupcakes. Ingredients: – organic ground lamb meat 250g – 500g – 16 (250g) mini yorkshire puddings (wheat free, gluten free); you can also make puddings from a scratch (remember to use gluten free mix) (ISABEL’S YORKSHIRE PUDDING MIX SACHET 100G) – spices: coarse salt, ground […]

10 ways to make your pizza healthier

10 ways to make your pizza healthier! For all the pizza lovers out here! We all know that pizza is carb loaded, so that’s why I’m bringing you this little cheat sheet. If you’re going to eat it on a regular basis, make sure it’s healthier! Tips and tricks to make your pizza healthier: – […]

9 deliciously scary halloween recipes

9 deliciously scary halloween recipes. Perfect party food for childrens’ and adults’ halloween bash:) Freshly squeezed from last week’s Idea Box Link Up. Join us every Thursday at 6am EST for more recipes. Cute Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats Spider Egg Brownie Cake No Bake Spider Pudding Pie Halloween Monster Marshmallows Ghost Nutter Butters Halloween Candy Bars […]

Slow cooker prawns

Slow cooker prawns Creamy slow cooker prawns. Part of ‘Awesome Crock Pot Recipes‘ series. Ingredients: 150g of fresh prawns, one vegetable stock cube, 125g of rice, one teaspoon of ground paprika, pinch of coarse pepper, prawn cocktail sauce 200g. Instructions: Dissolve vegetable stock cube in 100 ml of boiling or very hot water. Pour mixture […]

Creamy, cheesy turkey with rice.

Cheese attack! Creamy, cheesy turkey with rice. Crock pot recipe. Part of : ‘Awesome crock pot recipes series‘. Ingredients: diced turkey breasts (250g), one vegetable stock cube, italian three cheese sauce (350g), coarse black pepper (one/ two teaspoons), coarse salt (pinch), hot paprika (pinch), grated cheese ( you can use parmesan, small cup or handful), rice (125g, you can use […]

Spicy lamb meatballs

Spicy lamb meatballs  Cheap dinner ideas – 5 minute dinners. Spicy lamb meatballs -delicious, fulfilling and easy to make! Twist on a classic meatballs. Perfect if you run out of ideas! Serves 2. Ingredients: ground lamb meat (500g), chilli con carne spice mix, pasta (200g), tomato & basil sauce (500g), olive oil 1/2 tbsp. Instructions: […]