Slow cooker prawns

Slow cooker prawns Creamy slow cooker prawns. Part of ‘Awesome Crock Pot Recipes‘ series. Ingredients: 150g of fresh prawns, one vegetable stock cube, 125g of... Read more

3 ingredient breakfast idea

3 ingredient breakfast idea

3 ingredient breakfast idea 3 ingredient breakfast idea. Fried egg with goats cheese and dill. IBS friendly, LOW FODMAP, easy to make omelette recipe. Ingredients:... Read more


Mini lamb cupcakes

Mini lamb cupcakes. Low FODmap, gluten free and organic. Ground lamb–veggie cupcakes. Ingredients: – organic ground lamb meat 250g – 500g – 16 (250g) mini yorkshire... Read more

Mini Christmas Pies

Mini Christmas Pies

Mini Christmas Pies Mini Christmas Pies. Dough recipe and easy to make filling ideas. I never use yeast when making pizza or pie dough. I... Read more

Easy Christmas Sauce

Easy christmas sauce

Easy Christmas Sauce. Christmas recipe made easy. Easy to make mixed berries and currants sauce. Easy Christmas sauce you can make far ahead. I’m all about... Read more


Slow cooker apple crumble

Slow cooker apple crumble There’s nothing better than sweet, delicious taste of apple crumble (especially during fall and winter months)! Here’s an easy, no fuss... Read more


Creamy, cheesy turkey with rice.

Cheese attack! Creamy, cheesy turkey with rice. Crock pot recipe. Part of : ‘Awesome crock pot recipes series‘. Ingredients: diced turkey breasts (250g), one vegetable stock cube, italian... Read more


Spicy lamb meatballs

Spicy lamb meatballs  Cheap dinner ideas – 5 minute dinners. Spicy lamb meatballs -delicious, fulfilling and easy to make! Twist on a classic meatballs. Perfect... Read more