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5 'melt in the mouth' chocolate recipes!

Choc Shock! 5 ‘melt in the mouth’ chocolate recipes!

5 ‘melt in the mouth’, irresistible chocolate recipes! Freshly squeezed from last week’s Idea Box Link Up. Join us every Thursday at 6am EST for more cool recipes. Double Chocolate Frozen Yogurt from Chemistry Cachet Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie from Chemistry Cachet Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe from Ann’s Entitled Life Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo Truffles from More Than A Mom […]
4 simple peach recipes

Everything’s peachy! 4 simple peach recipes

Simple dessert recipes ideas, just in time for peach season! Freshly squeezed from last Thursday’s Idea Box Link Up 🙂 Join us every Thursday at 6am EST for more cool recipes. From The Lazy Gastronome : No Bake Peach Cheesecake and Grilled Peaches Sweeten Your Summer with a Peach Breeze Cooler from Lizventures Confession salsa from A Life […]
4 totally awesome slow cooker recipes

4 totally awesome crock pot recipes

Crock pot recipe roundup from last week’s Idea Box Link Up 🙂 Join us every Thursday at 6am EST for more cool recipes. Breakfast Slow cooker beer bbq-chicken sandwiches from About a mom Lunch Slow Cooker Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice from Forgetful Momma Dinner Crock Pot Balsamic Cherry Beef Roast Recipe from Rae Gun Rambling Dessert One ingredient […]
Quinoa recipes

Quinoa frenzy – Idea Box inspired

Quinoa recipe roundup from last week’s Idea Box Link Up. My problem with quinoa is that I’ve only made it once and I didn’t like it 🙂 My friend warned me (and I didn’t listen), that if I go with package instructions, I will get something very plain and there is so much more to […]
Super easy & healthy 'jaw' popsicles!

Super easy, quick to make, healthy ‘jaw’ popsicles.

Here’s a tip how to make super easy, healthy (and funny-looking) popsicles. These are awesome if you want to smuggle some natural fruit sugars into your kids diet or if you have unexpected young guests. Ok, I know, it looks slightly creepy (there’s something creepy about teeth, isn’t?). But still, I love it! You can […]
Rustic pear tart

Rustic pear tart

Shopping  list: – 2- 4 pears – half baked pastry case – 1-3 tablespoons of white sugar (you can add more if you got sweet tooth) – brown sugar (half tablespoon) – 50g unsalted butter –  flour (4 tablespoons) – vanilla extract (1 tablespoon) – 2 beaten eggs – water Peel pears and cut them […]
Carrot & cheese drop scones

Carrot & cheese dropscones

Preparation & cooking time: 20 min Shopping list: – 2-3 large carrots –  butter (2 teaspoons) or water (2 teaspoons) – 1/2 -2 cups of  grated cheese –  spices (salt,pepper, dried herbs) – 1 egg –  1/2 -2 cups of breadcrumbs Equipment: – masher – grater – skillet – baking tray – baking parchment – mixing bowl […]
Microwave cookies ( only 4 ingredients)

Microwave cookies (only 4 ingredients)

Preparation & cooking time: 10-15 minutes Shopping list: – 4 bananas – 150g rolled oats – 25 g sweet or dark cocoa – 20-50 g chocolate chips/buttons Equipment: – mixing bowl – plate – teaspoon – microwave Mush and mix (preferably using your hands) all the ingredients (except chocolate buttons) in a bowl. Using a […]
Chocolate-banana jam

Super easy cholocate-banana jam

Shopping list: -5 large bananas (ripe or overripe) -100g  dark chocolate (or milk chocolate, if you can bare the sweetness) -200g of white sugar (you can use brown sugar, I’ve used white  sugar because I desperately don’t want be healthy ;)) -50 -150 ml of water Equipment: -large pan & pan cover -4-5 small jars […]

Homemade chocolate hearts – step by step tutorial

Shopping list: – 200g dark chocolate – 100g chocolate chips / buttons (milk, dark or white chocolate) Equipment: – silicon heart mould – food thermometer – mixing bowl – saucepan – wooden spoon – tea towel – 2 teaspoons – angled palette knife or small spatula – small sharp knife 1- Chop dark chocolate block […]

Potato drop scones – latkes.

Preparation & cooking time: 20-30 min Serves :4 Shopping list: – 7or 6 big potatoes – flour (half a cup) – 2 eggs – salt (2-3 teaspoons) – oil (2 tablespoons) – double cream (optional) – sugar (optional) – mayonnaise (optional) – ketchup (optional) – dill sauce (optional) Equipment: – potato masher or grater – […]

Cheesy meatballs

Preparation & cooking time: 30 min Serves 4 Shopping list: – hamburger meat or ready to cook, fresh meatballs (500g) – salt, pepper,dried herbs -fresh yellow/red/green pepper -single cream (150 ml) -cheese powder (3-4 tbls) -pasta (150g) -cold water (500ml) -grated cheddar cheese (100g) -splash of olive oil -large pot Form meatballs and put them […]

Delicious gammon roast

Preparation time:15-20 minutes Inactive: 8-10 hrs Cooking time: 1hr 20 minutes Shopping list: –  gammon joint (750 g- 1,5 kg) –  black pepper –  one medium sized onion –  english mustard (1-3 tblsp) –  mayonnaise (1-3 tblsp) –  ovenproof dish –  tin foil Soak the gammon for at least 8 hrs to remove the excess […]

Homemade lard

Shopping list: – pork fat (one,fresh, medium sized piece, preferably from fatback) – pinch o pepper – pinch of salt – onion (small) – garlic (optional, 2-3 cloves) Cut pork fat into little cubes (1cm/1cm). Throw cubes into the saucepan and cook on a small fire till they melt (wait till cracklings start to appear). […]

Pumpkin pie and pumpkin cake recipes

Classic Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Cake. Delicious fall recipes! Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween series. *Pumpkin pie* Shopping list: – pumpkin pie spice (recipe),(1 Tblsp) – pumpkin puree( fresh or canned- 2 cups) – 1 unbaked or partly baked pie shell – evaporated milk (around 50ml ) – greated ginger (2 teaspoons) – water […]

Vinegar pumpkin and roasted pumpkin seeds

Delicious fall recipes! Vinegar pumpkin & roasted pumpkin seeds. Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series. *Vinegar pumpkin*  Shopping list: – medium size pumpkin -water (5-6 cups or 1,5 -2 L) -vinegar (1-2 cups) -10-20 cloves -1 or 2 tablepoons of cinnamon -sugar (3 cups) Cut pumpkin in half, remove seeds and strings, remove […]

Chocolate pumpkin spread

Chocolate – pumpkin spread. Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series. shopping list: -1 medium size pumpkin -sugar (300-350 grams) – fresh squeezed lemon juice ( from half of a lemon) – milk chocolate (6 cubes) – sweet cocoa powder (2 tablespoons) – water (25-50 ml) Cut pumpkin in two, remove seeds and strings, […]

Homemade bread

Shopping list: –  flour 1,5 kg (preferably bread or cake flour) –  milk 1 litre –  pinch of salt –  yeast 3 sachets (21 g) or quarter of 100g cube – pinch of breadcrumbs – butter (for dish greasing) Warm up milk ( till lukewarm). Mix flour, warm milk, salt and yeast in a mixing […]

2x fluffy pumpkin fritters (drop scones)

2x fluffy pumpkin fritters (drop scones). Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series. *Spicy pumpkin drop scones* Shopping list: -fresh, grated pumpkin (1 cup) -1 egg -herbs (e.g.chopped basil) -salt and pepper (pinch of both) -fresh, chopped chilli or chilli spice -breadcrumbs (half of a cup) -flour (3 tablespoons) -olive oil -water 25 ml […]

Stuffed munchkin pumpkins

Munchkin pumpkins recipe How not to love something that is called munchkin pumpkin ? 🙂 It is very healthy but if you bake it,it tastes just like french fries! Here’s an idea for easy to make and healthy munchkin pumpkin lunch. Shopping list: 4 Munchkin pumpkins olive oil salt for stuffing: chilli (I’ve used: already […]