rose garden

Magnificent Rose Garden

Saughton Park ( often called The Rose Garden) in Edinburgh (Scotland) is hidden amongst inconspicuous buildings in very modest area. Park is full of live all year round, but surely looks most beautiful in the summer. Saughton Park is known for its Rose Alley and a herb garden, where you can pick up fresh mint, basil […]

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy writing a blog.

 ‘Life is what happens to you while you‘re busy making other plans’ – John Lennon In this case: life is what happens to you while you’re busy writing a blog 😉 So, ambulance took me to the hospital the other day. Chest pains and shortness of breath. It happened while I was writing a blog. That’s what I call sacrifice modern blogging. It […]
Turn it up Tuesday !

Turn It Up Tuesday #49

Welcome to the 50th week of Turn It Up Tuesday! September is a big month for us at Turn It Up Tuesday – this is our 1-year anniversary!! It has been an amazing year – and we look forward to many more to come! A big thank you to everyone that has stuck with us […]
social media mixer

Social Media Mixer #14

Welcome to the 14th week of the Social Media Mixer! Thank you to everyone who joined us for Week 13 – we had 12 blogs and numerous social media link-ups! In the nature of mixing things up here at the Social Media Mixer, we will now be selecting our favorite posts each week – those […]
lily munster

Our apartment is a joke!

For those of you, who have just started reading our whiny story, here is a quick recap: we’ve moved into our apartment  May 2014 (full house tour), after very unexpected notice from our previous landlord (previous house tour). This apartment seemed like a really good choice at the time ( considering scotland’s market). The price was […]
indoor trees

Indoor trees !

I was watching ‘Passion‘ by Robert De Palma the other night  and the character played by lovely Rachel McAdams, lived in this amazing contemporary apartment. And the best thing was, that she had birch trees in her bathroom. Wait…what!!???? See for yourselves: (screenshots) How amazing is that!?? I find that  idea super cool and after […]
‘End of the Summer’ wreath

‘End of the Summer’ wreath

I’m very sad that Summer is almost over. We didn’t have that much sunny days here in Edinburgh. But hey, I love fall (pumpkinzzzz!) and there is always something interesting going on during the autumn months in Scotland. To celebrate the end of the Summer, I decided to make a simple flower wreath. I used […]
Upside down house

Upside down house !

Built just for fun (and to make your head spin) ! The house is located in Szymbark (Poland) and is well known tourist atraction. And the most awesome thing is that the whole interior is upside-down too! When you’re inside you are unable to walk normally,you’re automatically bending to one side, you feel dizzy, your  brain […]

Red & white themed bedroom

This is red & white themed guest bedroom in my mum’s apartment. This bedroom was decorated on a budget. My mum simply arranged all her red and white decorations and gadgets in one room. Simple wooden decorations were added to make the room look more cozy. What do you think about this simple decor? Do […]

Art deco inspired

Art deco is one of my favourite design styles. It is a fun mix of  bourgeois splendor and industrial features. It symbolizes  an industrial revolution of the beginning of 20th century. On the one hand we’ve got traditional ornamental motifs , on the other hand-futuristic, geometric shapes. Who would have thought that these two can look so good […]
DIY glowing in the dark pebbles in the jar

DIY glowing in the dark pebbles in the jar

To create this super simple decoration you will need: – clean jar with or without a lid – pebbles or seashells or rock sea salt crystals – glowing in the dark paint – brush – paper towels or an old magazine Arrange your pebbles on a paper towels or an old magazine and simply pour glowing […]

Underneath the floorboards…

A month a go, we’ve heard a loud bang and all the main lights in the house went off. Electricians came and repaired it  in a jiffy, but after a  few second lights went off again. After another few, fail attempts to repair it, they’ve decided they need to check ( and first and foremost […]

Charming little bedroom

This is my mum’s violet- themed, little bedroom. The whole room was decorated on a budget. As this is a rental, it wasn’t fully decorated when my parents moved in. It featured a bed and fitted wardrobe only. This is how the bedroom looks like after some frugal decorating: Simple IKEA Nightstands/Cabinets were found in […]

Front garden update

This is how the front garden looked liked when we’ve got keys to our new apartment (May 2014): This is how it looked liked after some maintenance (I didn’t sew or plant anything new). June 2014 : I really like this small flower bed! This is how it looks now (July 2014)  : Still no […]
Hamburg Rathaus- the lobby

Oh, what an interior!

The beautiful Hamburg City Hall located in Old Town is home of hamburger’s government. The place is really breathtaking! We’ve visited it 4 years ago, in the fall, during the sunset and light coming through stained glass windows  played wonderfully on ornamental walls. Entrance (view from inside) The lobby It took eleven years to build Hamburger Rathaus […]
hill& lake

Summer destinations: Pentland Hills Regional Park

We’ve recently visited Pentland Hills Regional Park, beautiful place located in a suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland. Here are some snaps from our visit! Harlaw Wildlife Garden Sharing: nifty-thrifty-sunday share-it-sunday creative-collection-link-party diy-inspired-link-party silver-pennies-sundays-link-party link-it-or-lump-it inspiration-monday between naps on the porch show-and-share-party tweak-it-tuesday inspire-me-monday the-inspiration-board-creative-party youre-gonna-love-it-tuesday whatever-goes-wednesday feathered-nest-friday weekend-re-treat-link-party

Our previous house- the tour.

Recently, I’ve been writing a lot about our previous house but I’ve never done proper house tour. So here it is: our super- small, semi-detached former rental! We lived there from spring 2012 till spring 2014. Entrance: Spring 2012 (Just after we’ve received the keys). Summer 2013 Super small hallway /Mud room Laundry corner( in […]

20 whimsical patio decorating ideas

I love fire pits- all sizes and kinds. Unfortunately, I don’t have suitable spot for fire pit in my garden, but hopefully someday, I’ll be able to relax by the garden fire. That’s why I’ve created  Patio Design board on Hometalk. Everything patio related- fire pits, mason jar chandeliers, awesome patio makeovers and useful tips. […]

Kitchen update

That’s how our kitchen looked like when we’ve received the keys (two months ago). That’s how it looks like now. No big changes here.But white kitchen walls look a little more cheerful now. We’ve hung some funny vintage ads and chalkboard on the wall. As you can see (chalkboard), I’m EXTREMELY talented  😉 Some glasses […]

Why are we still having a slug problem in our garden?

There are couple of reasons: 1- First of all: because I didn’t listen to my own advice and I planted flowers that are slug magnets. I was lured by beautiful and colourful pansies and nemesias! Slugs bought bigger pants, brought cutlery and had al fresco dinner. 2- I didn’t set traps that worked well in my previous […]