Decoarating bedroom

Bedroom decorating ideas

As we decided not to stay in our rented apartment for more then six necessary months (lease!), this is pretty simple decorating (using what we already have and trying to ignore empty walls :)). This bedroom is either large or looks that way, because of  the height  and emptiness of the walls. It’s funny because […]
patio furniture

Patio and garden decorating ideas

1 -Decorative terracotta head I love  this decorative head my mum used have on her patio wall ,but I know some people considered it kind of creepy;) Oh, and it was a flower pot too! 2 Metal patio furniture Metal garden furniture reminds me of my childhood – these were quite popular then, there are […]
diy mason jar luminaries

Mason jar luminaries tutorial

You will need: – clean jar (with lid) – glitter – epsom salt – PVA glue – water – brush – clear gloss sealer(spray kind) 1- Mix some water(1/3 of a jar),glitter (never to much glitter, right?;)) and pva glue (1/3 of a 50 ml bottle of  pva glue) in a jar. Screw the lid […]
DIY chalkboard mason jar pen holder

DIY chalkboard mason jar pen holder tutorial

I love super easy mason jar crafts! Decorating with jars is my absolute favourite. I’ve just used coffee jar and chalkboard paint to make this simple pen holder. You will need: – clean mason jar (without lid) – chalkboard paint – sandpaper – damp cloth – dry cloth – painters tape – paint brush – […]
Awesome mason jar crafts

Awesome mason jar crafts

Mason jar crafts and jar decorating ideas. DIY chalkboard mason jar pen holder tutorial DIY mason jars art DIY glowing in the dark pebbles in the jar Simple bathroom decorations Mason jar luminaries Halloween and Fall: Glowing in the dark, creepy halloween tree- DIY mason jar project Little Ghoulies Easy to make, cheap halloween decorations […]
Living room

Before and after – living room makeover and vintage decorating ideas

We’ve finally settled into our new apartment, so here’s our living room makeover tour and some vintage decorating ideas. The decorating trick was to spend no money and use what we already have. Keywords: vintage & rustic ! Before: After: Rustic, decoarative twigs in a vase and vintage (60′) magazine cover to warm up the […]
Bedroom update

Bedroom update

There was an unpleasant, mouldy surprise waiting for us in the bedroom when we moved into our new apartment two weeks ago. The mould is now gone. Room has been cleaned and refurbished. Painters asked us what paint colour we want, we said “rose white” (landlord’s decision), they said “ok”, and for some mysterious reason… […]
Summer garden

Gardener’s Calendar – Summer

June It’s time for : – mowing lawns once a week – cutting back axcessive growth – pruning spring flowering shrubs – watering hanging baskets and container regularly – feeding container plants July It’s time for : –  weeding out the beds –  protecting plants from overheating (you can reduce sunlight by leaving pot plants […]
After-my new garden makeover

Before and after- garden tour & step by step garden makeover

We’ve recently moved to our new apartment. I was very excited about my new, small garden, so that was the very first thing I’ve sorted out, whe we’ve moved in. Here’s a little before and after garden tour. Still lots things to do though, so stay tuned for more  garden updates. My garden makeover step […]
living room

“No sugar-coating” first house tour

We just got keys to our new place, so it’s time for first (no sugar coating, it is what it is ) house tour. You can read more about our move here: part 1 , part 2. First of all : it is an old, four storey building ( it was built between 1860-1910 ). […]
flea market finds

Flea market finds

This week’s flea market / carboot sale finds: Sharing : sundays-at-home between naps on the porch wow-us-wednesdays show-and-tell-friday feathered-nest-friday tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday

Decision time!

Moving houses- part 2 (you can read part 1  here). After a lot of consideration, we’ve decided on a quirky, bohemian style apartment (it has been mentioned in a previous “Moving houses” post) in an old, 4-storey building. New apartment is totally different from our current house. Our current home is a small semi-detached house […]
edwardian chandeliers

Stunning Edwardian chandeliers

Pics were taken in Grand Lodge of Scotland (Edinburgh), the interior of the building  was used as a set in bollywood production “Mausam”. Just look at these adorned ceilings!   Sharing: tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday  makers-link-party wow-us-wednesdays be-inspired feathered-nest-friday home-sweet-home show-and-tell-friday inspire-me-please city-of-links between naps on the porch inspiration-monday ——– Ad
Rustic pear tart

Rustic pear tart

Shopping  list: – 2- 4 pears – half baked pastry case – 1-3 tablespoons of white sugar (you can add more if you got sweet tooth) – brown sugar (half tablespoon) – 50g unsalted butter –  flour (4 tablespoons) – vanilla extract (1 tablespoon) – 2 beaten eggs – water Peel pears and cut them […]

Farewell garden tour

Some of you might remember, that we’ve received a notice to leave house we’re currently renting (you can read about here). I’ve decided to make small, farewell garden tour.Enjoy! Summer You can see more summer garden photos here. Fall Spring Sharing: clever-chicks-blog-hop between naps on the porch homestead-barn-hop tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday the-backyard-farming-connection-hop tuesdays-with-a-twist wow-us-wednesdays cast-party-wednesday the-homeacre-hop […]

Gardener’s Calendar- May

It’s time for: – planting annuals – planting herbs – trimming hedges – tidying up daffodil and hyacinth bulbs – sowing vegetables – fertilizing vegetable beds – fertilizing shrubs – removing weeds – watering fruit trees – feeding roses – feeding lawns – removing dead hortensia stems – planting pansies and begonias – protecting roses […]

My spring favourites

DECOR “Mummified”, colourful pumpkins My mum really loved the way munchkin pumpkins( that my dad bought in the fall) looked like, so she decided to “mummified” them and use as a decor all year round!  She left them overnight in a boiler room .Pumpkins became 3 times lighter and now sound hollow when you tap them. […]

Moving houses and saying goodbye to the garden

Two weeks ago we’ve received unexpected 2 months  notice to leave our small house. We rent and landlady decided to sell the place. I was devastated as I really like this small, quirky detached house. It has beautiful,small secluded garden, the neighbourhood is lovely and I’ve been living there comfortably for the past 2 years. […]

Invasion of colours

I’m taking a quick break from Easter decorating and cooking to let you guys know, that there’s nothing more captivating than awakening of Spring in Edinburgh. Whole city is just bursting with colours! Just take a look 🙂 Princes Street Gardens : Edinburgh Castle – view from the bus window : Sharing: sundays-at-home between naps on the […]
4 easy easter eggs crafts

4 Easy Easter eggs crafts

1- Nail polish decorating First you need to hollow out eggs. (It’s gross, I know :/) You will need: – eggs – needle – bowl I’ve  used traditional method: – wash egg with soapy water – use a thick  needle to pierce  two holes in rounded ends of the shell (make one hole bigger then the other) – put […]