Gardener’s Calendar- April

It’s time for: Sowing new lawns or repair bare patches Mulching rose and shrub beds Pruning heathers Sowing directly in to  the ground: nasturtium, sunflower, china aster, lavatera trimestris Setting snail traps – read more about it here   What is happening in my  garden : Pruning lantana camara I’ve planted beautiful Lantana Camara last summer. That is […]

DIY- crazy chickens balloon trip

You will need: – balloon (half full) – champagne cork stopper – ribbon – small decorative basket / small paper box /little gift bag – decorative chickens – terracotta pot coaster or plate – small moss pieces /leafs/flowers – easter confetti (optional) – needle Use a ribbon to tie balloon, champagne cork stopper, and basket together. I’ve used champagne […]
Fog and daffodils

The fog that stole spring

It has been very foggy weekend in Edinburgh. Here are some snaps. Sharing: between naps on the porch homestead-barn-hop tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday inspire- me-monday wake-up-wednesday wow-us-wednesdays wednesday-whatsits feathered-nest-friday show-and-tell- friday craft-frenzy-friday

Colourful spring decorations

Simple and colourful- spring decorations ideas. Ad: Sharing: home-sweet-home show-and-tell-friday frugal-friday the-inspiration-gallery best-of-weekend happiness-is-homemade our-sunday-best between naps on the porch homestead-barn-hop tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday tuesdays-treasures wow-us-wednesdays home-sweet-garden-link-party be-inspired
Carrot & cheese drop scones

Carrot & cheese dropscones

Preparation & cooking time: 20 min Shopping list: – 2-3 large carrots –  butter (2 teaspoons) or water (2 teaspoons) – 1/2 -2 cups of  grated cheese –  spices (salt,pepper, dried herbs) – 1 egg –  1/2 -2 cups of breadcrumbs Equipment: – masher – grater – skillet – baking tray – baking parchment – mixing bowl […]
Super cute easter decorations

9 super cute Easter decorations

1-Funny bunny 2- Hatching chickens 3- Bunnies in a jar 4- Fluffy lamb 5- Rustic Easter ornaments 6- Bottled chickens 7- Cute tablecloth 8- Trapped chickens 9- Eggs in a jar Sharing: feathered-nest-friday show-and-tell-friday moonlight-mason-jars-link-party family-fun-friday the-weekend-re-treat-link-party friday-link-party its-a-spring-thing-link-party best-diy-projects-recipes super-saturday-link-party happiness-is-homemade-link-party our-sunday-best-showcase between naps on the porch wow-us-wednesdays tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday tuesdays-treasures youre-gonna-love-it-tuesday the-inspiration-gallery be-inspired

DIY mason jars art

You will need: – clean mason jars or bottles – nail polish (few different colours) – shallow plastic container ( large enough to fit lying jars and bottles) – lukewarm water –  cotton buds – nail polish remover – rubber/latex gloves (optional) – toothpicks (optional) Pour lukewarm water into the container. Pour a small drop of […]

Hazy morning on a stud farm

Our Sunday snaps. Fog, countryside and playfull horses. Sharing: our-sunday-best between naps on the porch homestead-barn-hop tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday do-tell-tuesday youre-gonna-love-it-tuesday tuesdays-with-twist the-backyard-farming-connection-hop wow-us-wednesdays the-homeacre-hop
Lauriston Castle

Magical gardens

Lauriston Castle in Edinburgh (Scotland) is a charming, 16th-century building that overlooks the firth of River Forth. Grounds surrounding the castle are absolutely dreamy: 30 acres of woodland and gardens! This is a perfect place to relax and enjoy dazzling river views. You can visit old glasshouse, walk through bluebell wood and wander around colorful […]
Microwave cookies ( only 4 ingredients)

Microwave cookies (only 4 ingredients)

Preparation & cooking time: 10-15 minutes Shopping list: – 4 bananas – 150g rolled oats – 25 g sweet or dark cocoa – 20-50 g chocolate chips/buttons Equipment: – mixing bowl – plate – teaspoon – microwave Mush and mix (preferably using your hands) all the ingredients (except chocolate buttons) in a bowl. Using a […]
Gardener's calendar-March

Gardener’s Calendar-March

It’s time for: Tidying up dead leaves,weeding Mulching,Adding organic soil,Raking Pruning dead branches: read more about pruning roses and fuchsias here. Shaping plants and shrubs: Lavender,Hydrangea,Wisteria,Honeysuckle Planting summer flowering bulbs such as Dahlias, Begonias and Alliums. Put some organic soil and grit/crushed eggshels at the bottom of the planting hole. Planting perennials  : you can read […]
How to Dry Out Cell Phone With Rice

How to Dry Out Cell Phone With Rice

  Fluid damaged mobile first aid. If you dropped your phone into the water or if you spilled your drink on it, here’s  what to do first: * WATER ( tap water,toilet water,drinking water) What you will need: – dry cloth or paper towels – bag of uncooked rice – plastic container – toothpick or […]
On the beach

On the beach

Hubby’s pics from his trip to the Dunbar beach. Sharing: our-sunday-best say-gday-saturday-linky-party between naps on the porch sunday-showcase-party tweak-it-tuesday nifty-thrifty-tuesday tuesdays-treasures frugal-crafty-home-blog-hop project-inspired do-tell-tuesday the-inspiration-board-creative-party twirl-take-a-bow whimsy-wednesday winter-blues-wednesday lovely-ladies-linky wow-us-wednesdays wednesdays-adorned-from-above thursday-favorite-things-blog-hop home-sweet-home my romantic home feathered-nest-friday the-inspiration-gallery  
Chocolate-banana jam

Super easy cholocate-banana jam

Shopping list: -5 large bananas (ripe or overripe) -100g  dark chocolate (or milk chocolate, if you can bare the sweetness) -200g of white sugar (you can use brown sugar, I’ve used white  sugar because I desperately don’t want be healthy ;)) -50 -150 ml of water Equipment: -large pan & pan cover -4-5 small jars […]
In the countryside

In the countryside

Happy Weekend Everybody! These are our Saturday snaps. Sharing: clever-chicks-blog-hop tweak-it-tuesday project-inspired-party-ideas whimsy-wednesday wow-us-wednesdays whatever-goes-wednesday wonderful-wednesday-blog-hop thursday-favorite-things-blog-hop moonlight-mason-jars catch-glimspe-party fantastic-thursday diy-project-fun-live-laugh-linky winter-blues-wednesday-its-party feathered-nest-friday      


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Homemade chocolate hearts – step by step tutorial

Shopping list: – 200g dark chocolate – 100g chocolate chips / buttons (milk, dark or white chocolate) Equipment: – silicon heart mould – food thermometer – mixing bowl – saucepan – wooden spoon – tea towel – 2 teaspoons – angled palette knife or small spatula – small sharp knife 1- Chop dark chocolate block […]

Potato drop scones – latkes.

Preparation & cooking time: 20-30 min Serves :4 Shopping list: – 7or 6 big potatoes – flour (half a cup) – 2 eggs – salt (2-3 teaspoons) – oil (2 tablespoons) – double cream (optional) – sugar (optional) – mayonnaise (optional) – ketchup (optional) – dill sauce (optional) Equipment: – potato masher or grater – […]

Old school living

And I mean:reeeaaally old school 😉 There is this small, rural, residential area called Swanston (it’s located 5 miles from Edinburgh City Centre, Scotland) with beautiful, rustic, tchatched cottages. If not for the cars in the parking lot, you would think it’s still 1700s (that’s when these enchanted, little houses were built). After the World […]