Rice with apples and cinnamon. Perfect lunch for kids!

Shopping list: two/three bags of rice, few apples, 2 tbsp of sugar, cinnamon, butter (for dish greasing), sour cream Cook two or three bags of rice. Peel some apples, cut them into cubes,cover them with water and cook until teneder. Put cooked rice in a greased,non-metallic casserole dish,put a layer of cooked apples on top […]

While waiting for spring bulbs to bloom…

Things to do while waiting for spring: If snow in your area has already melted, you can prepare some of your garden plants for a spring time… Hardy Garden Fuchsias: If top growth has survived winter frost, cut it off. The fuchsias will produce new shoots later in the spring. Roses: April is a good […]

Pasta with roasted tomatoes , garlic and peas

Shopping list: 500 g of pasta, baby tomatoes (400g), fresh unpeeled peas (200g) , grated parmesan cheese (100g), 3 cloves of garlic, a handful of basil leaves, salt and pepper. Preparation time: 30 minutes Sprinkle tomatoes and garlic with olive oil and bake at 200 degrees C for about 10 minutes. Bring slightly salted water […]

Homemade chocolate-plum jam:)

Shopping List: -plums (1.5 kg) -sugar (400g) -milk chocolate (7 cubes) – 4 or 5 tablespoons of  sweet cocoa powder  – water (25-50 ml) Do not peel plums but remember to wash them carefully. Throw cut in half plums (without seeds) into the pan with a thick bottom. Sprinkle bootom of the pan with water. […]

DIY Christmas Jars, snow globes (without water)

DIY Christmas Jars, snow globes (without water) ****** Shopping list : – jars with lids –  PVA glue – fake snow (but not the spray kind) – winter-themed figurines – ribonns – glitter – confetti (optional) – christmas labels /name tags/ stickers (optional, I’ve used  christmas themed 3D stickers). I’ve used Magic Snow Powder.If you […]

The Fog…

The Fog… Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series. PIN ME 🙂