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friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites Friday favorites after-Christmas special is coming your way 😉 My mind is still cruising around Christmas themes. It’s always hard for me to move on, so you might see one or two (or three;)) christmassy favs here today. Arthur’s Seat The view from there is incredible, no matter what weather. I’ve reached the top […]
Moonlight and Christmas Tree

Moonlight and Christmas Tree

Moonlight and Christmas Tree… Moonlight and Christmas Tree – almost wordless Wednesday 🙂 I spotted a beautiful moon two nights ago. It looked magical in combination with Christmas lights glow. It was a frosty night and sky was almost clear… It was very silent and perfectly calm outside, almost unreal. I’ve only heard tiny guinea […]
Epsom Salt Luminaries. Easy Christmas Craft

Epsom salt luminaries

Epsom Salt Luminaries Epsom salt luminaries are one of my favorite Christmas crafts, because: 1 – I love jars 2 – they are super easy to make This craft is child friendly but some adult assistance might be needed. All you need to make your own luminaries: a small jar without the lid, epsom salt, […]
Mini Christmas Pies

Mini Christmas Pies

Mini Christmas Pies Mini Christmas Pies. Dough recipe and easy to make filling ideas. I never use yeast when making pizza or pie dough. I know, it’s a controversial statement 😉 . I just really work on the dough (no pun intended!) :- D  After mixing all the ingredients, I knead dough for few minutes […]
Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Home Tour Christmas Home Tour 2016. There’s building site close to our home. Builders are working hard, demolishing old, drafty building and making room for a new, shiny one. Sadly, they had to cut down all the trees in the surrounding area. Not many, 4 overall (our favorite apple tree included), but still it’s […]
Martha Stewart's Christmas. Martha Stewart Christmas plates

Martha Stewart’s Christmas

Martha Stewart’s Christmas! Martha Stewart’s Christmas products roundup. All you need for Christmas this year. Kitchen accessories (plates, mugs, cake stencils), home decorations , gift wrapping and Holiday music. If you’re Martha fan, this post is for you. My favorites are: bauble Christmas wreath and white holly baubles. Click here for Martha’s Christmas tips and recipes. […]
Easy Christmas Sauce

Easy christmas sauce

Easy Christmas Sauce. Christmas recipe made easy. Easy to make mixed berries and currants sauce. Easy Christmas sauce you can make far ahead. I’m all about good food and minimal fuss. This easy slow cooker sauce, can be served with desserts and main dishes. You can use it as a filling, freeze it for later, add […]
25 tartan gifts

25 exquisite tartan gifts

25 exquisite tartan gifts As some of you know, I live in Scotland and you can see tartan a lot here. Especially on Sundays, during holidays and weddings, but casually, on the streets as well. You see men in kilts mostly, but you can buy everything tartan from gadgets to dresses on the high street. […]

Clear baubles decorating ideas

Clear baubles decorating ideas Clear baubles decorating can be a fun task for the whole family. This is one of my favorite Christmas crafts! It’s an awesome and cheap decoration (or gift) idea. You can buy clear plastic baubles in dollar store or online. They can really make your creative juices flowing. You can fill […]

7 rustic driftwood Christmas trees

7 beautiful, rustic driftwood Christmas trees. Country house style decorating. Simplify decor this Christmas. All natural decor is one of my favourite. Once, about 12 years ago, I ditched all the plastic decor and went full natural (with wooden & straw ornaments, dried oranges and popcorn christmas chain). I’m planning to reprise it sometime, but for […]

Cute, little snowman from DIY snow!

Make your own cute, little snowman from homemade snow! Ingredients: DIY fake snow, toothpick, glitter (use bigger pieces, you can use cute shaped pieces – like hearts or stars). Directions: Learn how to make artificial snow at home. Please, use first DIY snow recipe from this post. It’s perfect for moulding! Form from 2 to […]

DIY snow

3 DIY snow recipes How to make fake snow at home. 3 easy recipes. Make snow in few minutes. Recipe no 1: Ingredients: – white hair conditioner (half a cup) – baking soda (1 cup) – glitter (optional) Directions: Mix 1 cup of baking soda and half a cup of conditioner in a bowl. If […]

8 elegant rustic homemade Christmas decorations and DIY gift ideas

8 elegant rustic homemade Christmas decorations and DIY gift ideas. Who doesn’t love beautiful, rustic Christmas ornaments and elegant (and cheap) DIY gifts? Here’s a handy roundup that will make your creative juices flowing! These are my favourite little things DIY from a recent Idea Box Link-Up. Rustic Christmas Decorations Get crafty and give your […]

What gifts to buy for Christmas, when you have no idea what to get someone?

What gifts to buy for Christmas, when you have no idea what get someone? Follow these 3 simple rules when buying Christmas presents. Ask the person you’re buying for (or their family), what they like the most in the world (example: animals, flowers) or what’s their biggest hobby. Then follow this simple rules and choose […]

Declutter your home (and your mind) before Christmas

Declutter your home (and your mind) before Christmas. Give yourself two months to reinvent the way you handle stress (and mess) – just in time to have blissful and happy Christmas! 8 weeks plan. Start early November (first week of November preferably). Week 1 Step 1. Throw away everything that’s broken, is not frequently used, […]
Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree (Almost) wordless Friday 🙂 Our snowy Christmas tree & rustic nativity scene. And what is your Christmas decorating style? Do you prefer sparkly or rustic? Please, let me know in the comments. Hope you’re having fun decorating 🙂 xx   If you liked this post, please: share and subscribe 🙂 Subscribe to […]
How to plan stress free Christmas

How to plan stress free Christmas

How to plan stress free Christmas How to reduce stress and avoid holiday rush. Tips & tricks. Free Christmas planner. 1-Don’t leave everything till the last minute. Start middle of / beginning of November (depending on what you have planned (big family Christmas, small gathering). 2-Don’t do everything at once. Limit yourself to one chore […]
Christmas Checklist

Christmas checklist printables

Christmas ‘checklist’ & ‘to do list’ printables      PIN ME 🙂 *** Sharing : show-and-tell-friday  city-of-links krafty-inspiration tgif-blog-instagram-hop between naps on the porch tweak-it-tuesday show-and-share wow-us-wednesdays pin-worthy-wednesday a-round-tuit
DIY Sharpie Christmas Mugs

DIY Sharpie Christmas Mugs – cute gift idea

DIY Sharpie Christmas Mugs There are plenty cool things you can do with sharpies for Christmas. One of my favourites? Sharpie mugs! It’s a cute and easy craft. And perfect gift for Christmas!   You will need: – oil based sharpie (water resistant) – image/ letters templates (I just googled what I needed :)) – […]
Christmas decor

Everything Christmas!

Christmas DIY and decor round up .I will add links frequently. Enjoy 🙂 Christmas decorations DIY Christmas Jars, Snowglobes (without water) Simple Holiday porch decor idea Christmas pumpkin ‘Frozen’ Christmas branch Christmas jars – tutorial DIY Sharpie Christmas Mugs DIY Christmas luminaries  ‘Reindeer Parking’ Printables Christmas mantel decorating ideas Christmas ‘checklist’ & ‘to do list’ […]