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Crock pot salmon

Crock pot salmon casserole.

Crock pot salmon casserole. Easy salmon casserole recipe. It’s healthy, it’s yummy and it’s from slow cooker! Low FODmap, IBS friendly. Have you ever tried to cook fish in the crock pot? It’s easy and delicious! Please note: if you’re an IBS sufferer, choose lactose free butter or olive oil spread and lactose free milk, […]
KFC chicken

Kfc chicken. Crock pot style.

KFC inspired slow cooked chicken. IBS friendly. Colonel’s style chicken is always a winner. Unfortunately, not all of us can eat fried foods, so making kfc chicken in a slow cooker seems like a win-win! And because it’s a crock pot recipe, chicken will be soft, moist and delicious! Ingredients: – 6 chicken thighs – […]
Crock pot turkey

Healthy spinach turkey. Crock pot recipe.

Delicious slow cooked turkey breasts with spinach, oats and pumpkin seeds. IBS friendly. Ingredients: 250 g of diced turkey breasts, gluten free salsa sauce, chopped spinach (one cup), diced yellow (or red) tomato without the skin (one cup), handful of oats, some pumpkin seeds, spices (depending on your likings: it can be coarse salt with […]

Slow cooker apple crumble

Slow cooker apple crumble There’s nothing better than sweet, delicious taste of apple crumble (especially during fall and winter months)! Here’s an easy, no fuss recipe to make in slow cooker. Part of ‘Awesome Crock Pot Recipes‘ series. Ingredients: 150- 200 ml of water, 6 -7 medium sized apples, 4 teaspoons of sugar, ready to […]

Cranberry BBQ ribs. Crock pot recipe.

Cranberry BBQ ribs. Crock pot recipe.   It’s getting closer… Dreaded end of the summer. How about few little things to make your end of the summer delicious and fun? Let’s start with dinner… I use my crock pot all year long, and I like to make flagship season dishes in slow cooker. Nothing screams […]
Chocolate coconut cake

Delicious chocolate & coconut cake. Crock pot recipe.

Delicious chocolate – coconut cake made in the slow cooker. Have you ever wondered how to make a cake in the crock pot? It’s super easy and mess free! Today, I will share with you very simple, but ‘oh so delicious’, chocolate-coconut cake recipe. You can slow cook it in just 2 hours! Ingredients: – […]
Slow cooked cheesy turkey breasts

Slow cooked cheesy turkey breasts

Cheesy turkey breasts. Easy slow cooker recipe. Ingredients: – tomato & cheese sauce – 4 large turkey breast steaks, – chopped cabbage (one cup) – green peas ( half a cup) – chopped yellow bell pepper (handful) – cheesy seasoning mix – grated cheese (one cup) You can mix two kinds of cheese: regular & […]

Crock pot recipes: spicy ground beef

Ground beef crock pot recipes – delicious and cheap dinner ideas! There’s nothing better than cheap crock pot recipe. Slow cooking is a healthy and cheap way to cook your dinners. You know exactly what’s going into the pot, and, if you get your combination right, you can create a real taste palette heaven! Preparing crockpot […]
5 ingredients crock pot beef

Cheap dinner ideas: 5 ingredients crock pot beef

Cheap dinner ideas: crock pot beef. Delicious, slow cooked beef steaks. Only 5 ingredients! Ingredients: – soup in a mug mix (tomato flavour) – 2 medium or 3 small beef steaks – hot spices mix – few plum tomatoes – cup of green peas (frozen, from a can or fresh – it’s up to you) […]
Crock pot recipes - turkey

Crock pot recipes: turkey.

Crock pot recipes: turkey. How to make crock pot turkey breast dinner on a budget, using mostly organic ingredients. Here’s a lovely, healthy & homemade dinner recipe that won’t brake the bank. All the ingredients are organic except the turkey. Why? Turkeys don’t  react good to antibiotics, therefore their meat is antibiotic free and you […]
Spicy pumpkin lamb from slow cooker.

Spicy pumpkin lamb from slow cooker.

Delicious and healthy spicy pumpkin lamb. Easy to make crock pot meal – only 4 ingredients. IBS friendly. Ingredients: – ground lamb 250g – half tablespoon of cayenne pepper – half tablespoon of ground ginger – pumpkin soup 500 ml (from the sachet, if it’s out of season). Instructions: If using soup from the sachet, cook […]