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DIY Pineapple Coasters

DIY Pineapple Coasters

 DIY Pineapple Coasters DIY Pineapple Coasters – easy to make craft for fruit lovers. How to embellish your plain cork coasters with cute pineapple images and how to correctly paint cork coasters (step by step tutorial with pictures).   Supplies: – plain cork coasters – self adhesive white labels – carpet knife/Cricut machine/ small sharp scissors […]
Epsom Salt Luminaries. Easy Christmas Craft

Epsom salt luminaries

Epsom Salt Luminaries Epsom salt luminaries are one of my favorite Christmas crafts, because: 1 – I love jars 2 – they are super easy to make This craft is child friendly but some adult assistance might be needed. All you need to make your own luminaries: a small jar without the lid, epsom salt, […]

Clear baubles decorating ideas

Clear baubles decorating ideas Clear baubles decorating can be a fun task for the whole family. This is one of my favorite Christmas crafts! It’s an awesome and cheap decoration (or gift) idea. You can buy clear plastic baubles in dollar store or online. They can really make your creative juices flowing. You can fill […]

Cute, little snowman from DIY snow!

Make your own cute, little snowman from homemade snow! Ingredients: DIY fake snow, toothpick, glitter (use bigger pieces, you can use cute shaped pieces – like hearts or stars). Directions: Learn how to make artificial snow at home. Please, use first DIY snow recipe from this post. It’s perfect for moulding! Form from 2 to […]

DIY snow

3 DIY snow recipes How to make fake snow at home. 3 easy recipes. Make snow in few minutes. Recipe no 1: Ingredients: – white hair conditioner (half a cup) – baking soda (1 cup) – glitter (optional) Directions: Mix 1 cup of baking soda and half a cup of conditioner in a bowl. If […]

8 elegant rustic homemade Christmas decorations and DIY gift ideas

8 elegant rustic homemade Christmas decorations and DIY gift ideas. Who doesn’t love beautiful, rustic Christmas ornaments and elegant (and cheap) DIY gifts? Here’s a handy roundup that will make your creative juices flowing! These are my favourite little things DIY from a recent Idea Box Link-Up. Rustic Christmas Decorations Get crafty and give your […]
Spray Painted Easter Eggs. Easy to make Easter craft. Cheap DIY

Spray painted Easter eggs – tutorial.

Spray–painted Easter Eggs Spray painted Easter eggs – tutorial. Super easy way to decorate your Easter eggs and make them look really cute. For as long I can remember, I absolutely loved Easter! All the vibrant colors at home and outside the house, beautiful sights of nature waking up and giving us crème de la crème of […]
DIY Painted Cork Coasters

DIY Painted Cork Coasters

Easy DIY project. Make your own colorful coasters ! Supplies: -cork coasters -painters tape (2 or 3 different sizes) -scissors -brush – crafting paints (water based or acrylic, 3 or 4 colors) -cup/mug -water -matte sealer Carefully tape off your coasters. Use different tape sizes and shapes (or add tape strips/use scissors) to create patterns […]
DIY Marbleized Candle Holders

DIY Marbleized Candle Holders

DIY Marbleized Candle Holders How to marble glass with nail polish- tutorial. Supplies: -small tumblers -nail polish (few different colours) -plastic container (deep enough to dip tumblers) -lukewarm water -toothpicks Instructions: Pour lukewarm water into the container (enough to dip at least half of the tumbler). Pour few small drops of nail polish into the […]
Rustic Driftwood Christmas Tree

Rustic Driftwood Christmas Tree

Supplies: -plywood sheet -driftwood pieces -piece of burlap -christmas ribbons (burlap /other fabric,use wide ones) -pva glue -scissors Use glue to attach piece of burlap to the plywood. Leave it to dry. Unfortunately, my burlap piece had glue stains on it, so I needed to make sure to mask it. Arrange driftwood pieces, create christmas tree […]
5 Fun Christmas DIY Projects

5 Fun Christmas DIY Projects

5 Fun Christmas DIY Projects. Freshly squeezed from this week’s Idea Box Link Up.  Join us every Thursday at 6am EST for more ideas! DIY Advent Calendar from Hawthorne and Main Incredibly Easy DIY Painted Antlers from Tabler party of two   DIY Birch Wood Candle Holder from Karen’s Up On The Hill Reindeer Noodle Christmas […]
DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe Step by step instructions for making waterless snow globes out of mason jars. Easy Christmas craft. Shopping list: – jar with lid – silver spray paint – craft glue (mod podge/pva glue) – fake snow – small (8 -10cm high) decorative christmas tree Please note: I repurposed old food jars, […]
'Frozen' glitter Christmas pumpkin

‘Frozen’ glitter Christmas pumpkin!

‘Frozen’ glitter Christmas pumpkin! Cute and easy Christmas DIY idea. Supplies: Paper towel, nail, silver spray, white acrylic paint, small pumpkin, plastic container, plastic/paper cup to use as a stand, brush, glitter Please note that I used very small pumpkin:) Instructions: carefully drive nail into the stem of a pumpkin. Use nail to hold your […]
Pumpkin decorating ideas

DIY pumpkin decorating ideas

Creative pumpkin decorating ideas (without carving).  Cheap to make and you can easily get your kids involved in decorating process: *Gold sprayed pumpkin* Supplies: – golden spray – pumpkin – duct tape – scissors – fresh leaf (the fresher, the better) Attach leaf to the pumpkin, using the duct tape (try use as less duct […]
Halloween Party Ideas part 1 - Decor & Fun

Halloween Party Ideas part 1 – Decor & Fun

Your Halloween guide to Decor and Fun. Freshly squeezed from last week’s Idea Box Link Up. Join us every Thursday at 6am EST for more ideas. *Decor* DIY mummy pumpkin candy holder from Grace and good eats How to make a spooky feather halloween wreath (video) from How to make a burlap wreath Yarn Ghost Garland from This […]
Franken Jar

Franken-Jar. Halloween craft.

*Halloween mason jar idea* *Easy Halloween craft for kids* Super easy and cute craft. All you need is a clean jar, acrylic paints and a small brush. (And optional : Frankenstein face stencil.) Acrylic paints are great for glass painting. Use water if paints are too thick. Your kids can really get creative here 🙂 […]
6 cute Halloween decorating ideas

6 super cute Halloween decorating ideas

The cutest Halloween decorating ideas. Freshly squeezed from last week’s Idea Box Link Up. Join us every Thursday at 6am EST for more Mini Monsters from KBB crafts & stitches Carnivorous Plants Halloween Decor from Whistle & ivy Vintage Light Fixture Halloween Moon from Sadie Seasongood 4 Non Scary Stick Puppet Spider Tutorials from DIY crush DIY Frankenstein Sharpie Mug from Made […]
Easy Fall Jar craft

Fall jar craft idea

Fall jar craft idea. Easy autumn decorating idea. Fall jar luminaries are one of my favourites. They are so beautiful when lit up and they are really setting up the autumny mood. Here’s the easiest fall jar craft of them all (and you can make it with your kids too! ). Supplies: -clean jar (without […]
fall mod podge crafts, leaves in the mason jar

Everything Fall & Halloween

Mila’s Little Things’ Fall & Halloween series – DIY, recipes and more! Yep, the best season is upon us! Fall in love with fall and enjoy amazing autumn views, cozy decor, yummy recipes and clever DIY’s. Recipes An InLinkz Link-up Fall decorating ideas and DIY An InLinkz Link-up Halloween Printables An InLinkz Link-up Everything else […]
Summer of DIY's recap

Summer of DIY’s recap

I never keep up with my plans, because that’s how I roll 😀 I’ve managed to DIY (usually beyond the original plans), so here’s quick recap. DIY nature’s art DIY old lamp makeover DIY driftwood coaster Wooden cat statue makeover Bringing tv corner to life (partially done -tv stand needs to be painted) Spray painting […]