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6 exceptionally beautiful glass pumpkins for your festive table

6 exceptionally beautiful glass pumpkins for your festive table For the love of pumpkin! Elegant Thanksgiving decor and great gift idea. A little works of art if you ask me! It’s hard not to admire beautiful curves and stunning colors! If you’re not dolar store / diy & crafts decor type of person, these glass […]
Pumpkin decorating ideas

DIY pumpkin decorating ideas

Creative pumpkin decorating ideas (without carving).  Cheap to make and you can easily get your kids involved in decorating process: *Gold sprayed pumpkin* Supplies: – golden spray – pumpkin – duct tape – scissors – fresh leaf (the fresher, the better) Attach leaf to the pumpkin, using the duct tape (try use as less duct […]

Wordless Wednesday: Visiting Pumpkin Patch

Wordless Wednesday: visiting pumpkin patch 🙂 New wonderful friend 😊 #pony Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika @milaslittlethings 14 Paź, 2015 o 4:42 PDT   #pumpkinpatch #pumkins #fall Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika @milaslittlethings 14 Paź, 2015 o 2:57 PDT Raspberry afternoon ☺ #raspberry #afternoon #atthefarm #farmlife #outdoors #pickyourown #fall #autumn #fruits #rasberries #scotland #scotlandisbeautiful Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez […]
DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin

DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin

  DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin. Easy to make, no fuss pumpkin craft! Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series. You will need: -munchkin pumpkin -anti slug adhesive copper tape (1 roll- 1m) -office hole puncher  Use hole puncher to cut out small dots from copper tape. Stick dots on your pumpkin. You can create […]

Christmas pumpkin

Christmas glitter pumpkin Cheap Christmas decorating idea Shoping list: – small or medium sized pumpkin -glitter (I’ve used three colours) -PVA glue -some brushes -rubber gloves -candle holder (or smth you can use as a stand/holder ) Place pumpkin on a “stand”. Start spreading PVA glue from the top of the pumpkin. Sprinkle glitter all […]

Pumpkin pie and pumpkin cake recipes

Classic Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Cake. Delicious fall recipes! Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween series. *Pumpkin pie* Shopping list: – pumpkin pie spice (recipe),(1 Tblsp) – pumpkin puree( fresh or canned- 2 cups) – 1 unbaked or partly baked pie shell – evaporated milk (around 50ml ) – greated ginger (2 teaspoons) – water […]

Vinegar pumpkin and roasted pumpkin seeds

Delicious fall recipes! Vinegar pumpkin & roasted pumpkin seeds. Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series. *Vinegar pumpkin*  Shopping list: – medium size pumpkin -water (5-6 cups or 1,5 -2 L) -vinegar (1-2 cups) -10-20 cloves -1 or 2 tablepoons of cinnamon -sugar (3 cups) Cut pumpkin in half, remove seeds and strings, remove […]

Chocolate pumpkin spread

Chocolate – pumpkin spread. Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series. shopping list: -1 medium size pumpkin -sugar (300-350 grams) – fresh squeezed lemon juice ( from half of a lemon) – milk chocolate (6 cubes) – sweet cocoa powder (2 tablespoons) – water (25-50 ml) Cut pumpkin in two, remove seeds and strings, […]

Fall decor- autumn treasures

Fall decorating ideas. Fall decor- autumn treasures. Mila’s Little Things Fall & Halloween series. Check out cute fall decor with candles. To take haunted house tour click here. You might also like: Autumn porch decor idea. PIN ME 🙂 Link parties: happy hour projects create craft love what about romantic home the shabby creek cottage

2x fluffy pumpkin fritters (drop scones)

2x fluffy pumpkin fritters (drop scones). Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series. *Spicy pumpkin drop scones* Shopping list: -fresh, grated pumpkin (1 cup) -1 egg -herbs (e.g.chopped basil) -salt and pepper (pinch of both) -fresh, chopped chilli or chilli spice -breadcrumbs (half of a cup) -flour (3 tablespoons) -olive oil -water 25 ml […]

Stuffed munchkin pumpkins

Munchkin pumpkins recipe How not to love something that is called munchkin pumpkin ? 🙂 It is very healthy but if you bake it,it tastes just like french fries! Here’s an idea for easy to make and healthy munchkin pumpkin lunch. Shopping list: 4 Munchkin pumpkins olive oil salt for stuffing: chilli (I’ve used: already […]

It’s all about the pumpkin! Recipes and decor ideas.

I’m crazy about the pumpkins!They look good,they taste good and they are healthy. Pumpkin is known for its nutritional value.It is easy to digest,it contains pectin, which remove toxic substances from the body and regulate bowel movements.Eating pumpkin pulp can prevent morning sickness and eating pumpkin seeds might help to lower level of bad cholesterol. […]

Fall patio decor idea & fall garden

Fall patio decorating ideas A bit of fall decorating fun: cute, little pumpkin, tricolor heather, colorful leaves in a decorative planter-wagon. And as you can see, patio is used as a witch parking as well! 🙂 Mason jar used as a candle holder. I let the candle drip a bit for a better effect. It’s […]