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Plants slugs won't eat. Slug resistant plants. Plants that repel slugs and snails. Plants slugs hate.

Plants slugs won’t eat

 Plants slugs won’t eat!  List of 24 plants slugs and snails won’t eat. Slugs and snails (and their appetite) are common problem for gardeners. It’s ironic, but slugs and snails are needed. Our ecosystem needs them, so I don’t encourage you to kill them, but to simply repel them by planting slug resistant plants. Some […]

Why are we still having a slug problem in our garden?

There are couple of reasons: 1- First of all: because I didn’t listen to my own advice and I planted flowers that are slug magnets. I was lured by beautiful and colourful pansies and nemesias! Slugs bought bigger pants, brought cutlery and had al fresco dinner. 2- I didn’t set traps that worked well in my previous […]
After-my new garden makeover

Before and after- garden tour & step by step garden makeover

We’ve recently moved to our new apartment. I was very excited about my new, small garden, so that was the very first thing I’ve sorted out, whe we’ve moved in. Here’s a little before and after garden tour. Still lots things to do though, so stay tuned for more  garden updates. My garden makeover step […]
Spring and hungry snails

Spring and hungry snails!

Spring is finally here and we’re trying to make best of it! I really love pansies.Unfortunately, snails consider them a tasty snack! I live in a rainy area so snails are a big problem. I don’t use any chemicals in my garden so here are few eco ideas how to get rid of snails and […]