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How to Dry Out Cell Phone With Rice

How to Dry Out Cell Phone With Rice

  Fluid damaged mobile first aid. If you dropped your phone into the water or if you spilled your drink on it, here’sĀ  what to do first: * WATER ( tap water,toilet water,drinking water) What you will need: – dry cloth or paper towels – bag of uncooked rice – plastic container – toothpick or […]

Home remedies – common cold

Home remedies – common cold. Homemade common cold remedies. Use what you have at home to prevent and treat common cold at home. **Garlic, milk and honey** 2 teaspoons of honey, 2 garlic gloves (greated or chopped), hot milk (1 mug). Mix it and drink it if you dare šŸ˜‰ It doesn’t taste good and […]

Awesome home and garden hacks

Awesome home and garden hacks. Household hacks hacks & Helpful tips – Home and garden. Make your life easier šŸ™‚ Home- *Use coca-cola and boiling water to unblock the drain in your kitchen sink. * Use a lemon to remove rust stains from your kitchen sink, counters, kitchen utensil and garden ornaments. Gently squeeze out […]