Low FODmap spices.

Low FODmap spices

When you hear that garlic and onion are out from the menu, that’s when the long and painful ‘spice quest’ begins! You start to wonder,…

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Low fodmap candy

Low fodmap candy.

Low fodmap candy – the ultimate guide. And other treats you can eat on low fodmap diet. Halloween is getting closer and that means sugar time!…

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DIY starch glue

DIY starch glue.

DIY starch glue 2 easy to follow recipes. Cheap and eco-friendly substitutes to store-bought liquid starches and glues. If you love crafting with your kids,…

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Low FODmap lasagna

Low FODmap lasagna.

Low FODmap lasagna Gluten free and fodmap friendly recipe. Serves 6. Despite popular opinion, it’s very easy to make low fodmap lasagna. You only need…

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