While waiting for spring bulbs to bloom…

Things to do while waiting for spring: If snow in your area has already melted, you can prepare some of your garden plants for a spring time…

Hardy Garden Fuchsias: If top growth has survived winter frost, cut it off. The fuchsias will produce new shoots later in the spring.

Roses: April is a good month for pruning roses but, if you live in the warm area (like me) you can start pruning your flowers earlier. Remember to use clean , sharp tools. Try to make a clean , unragged cut. Remove all sick, dead and damaged stalks.

Garden Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla):If your Hydrangeas have begun breaking their dormancy , you can start removing all the dead flowers and canes. Minimal pruning is recommended. You should note that not all hydrangeas bloom on second year growth.




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