Awesome home and garden hacks

Awesome home and garden hacks.

Household hacks hacks & Helpful tips – Home and garden. Make your life easier 🙂


*Use coca-cola and boiling water to unblock the drain in your kitchen sink.
* Use a lemon to remove rust stains from your kitchen sink, counters, kitchen utensil and garden ornaments. Gently squeeze out the juice and rub it in .You can even use it to remove rust stains from clothes. Remember to always wash your clothes afterwards to avoid waterstains.
* You can can also use baking soda to remove various types of stains. Rub a paste of 6 Tablespoons of baking soda and 1/2 cup of warm water onto stained clothing before laundering.

*Cleaning microwave can be easy. Fill a microwave-safe glass or bowl half full of water. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar(If you dont’t have vinegar, you can spray microwave walls with kitchen cleaner instead). Place bowl inside the microwave. Turn it on for 5-10 minutes. Steam will do all the hard work! After 5-10 minutes you can easily wipe down inside of the microwave
* Never keep potatoes in a plastic bag you bought them in. Plastic bags keep the moist and potatos will spoil faster. Keep potatoes in canvas shopping bag in a dry, cool place.
* Place a few sheets of copy paper, a layer of wax paper or a big, cut in half plastic bin bag, on top of your upper kitchen cabinets. It will catch all the dust and grease. Change it every few months.

Garden and house plants-

*Get rid of aphids! Throw one clove of garlic into the boiling water (1L), allow water to cool. Spray your plants with garlic water once a day for a week.
* Throw some aspirin into vase with fresh cut flowers – it will keep them alive longer.
* Mix crushed eggshells with soil when planting flowers. Broken eggshells are steady source of calcium .

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  1. Nothing like getting up early on a Monday morning and finding all sorts of good info! Some I knew about, but you had really great “how-to’s”! Thanks – MMR

  2. Fantastic tips – some I knew some were new! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

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