How to preserve food

Prepare mason jars: You can put jars into the oven for few minutes ( heat the oven to 100 degrees C, do not let jars touch each other) or clean them with boiling water ( remember to dry them thoroughly). In both cases- don’t forget to clean and to dry lids. I always clean them with boiling water. Put earlier prepared food into the jars. Leave some empty space between the level of food and the top of the jar. Clean rims and threads of jars using clean, damp cloth.You can clean it with vinegar instead of water. After removing food residue from rims, you can screw all the lids tight, flip jars upside down and check for any leaks .If there is a leak you need to start whole process again. Before preparing jars always check lids for any unexpected dimples.Never use lids that are bent.

Preserve : Lay clean, linen cloth at the bottom of a large pot.Put  jars  into the pot (don’t  let them touch each other!).Fill pot with water. Don’t let water cover jars completely (3/4 will do).Heat the pot. When the water between jars starts to boil, reduce heat, cover the pot with a lid and cook as long as stated in the  recipe ( there’s a different cooking time for fruits and vegetables ).Do not remove  jars from pot immediately after cooking . Let them cool a bit.

Store your  preserves and canned goods in a cool, dark  and dry place.You can read more about preserving food here and here.

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