Easy to make, cheap halloween decorations

Easy to make, cheap halloween decorations.

Halloween crafts: DIY mason jar crafts and pumpkin decorating ideas.
Funny ghost in a jar. Fairy jars. Free pumpkin carving patterns.

You can find all the tutorials and links at the bottom of the page.

Funny ghost

Fairy jars

Pound/dollar store pumpkins garland

They look cute during the day, but quite creepy at night.

Pound/dollar store spider nest

Jack o lanterns

Jack o lantern led light balloon.

Other decorations:



*Funny ghost*

Shopping list:
– fence net ( you can  simply use fruit net packaging ,the thicker the better )
– scissors
– glow in the dark  paint
– small painting brush
– PVA glue (optional)
– mason jar ( optional; if you choose to use fruit net, you might want to place your ghost in a jar to  make it steady )
–  small string or rubber band (optional)

Use fence net to shape ghostly figure.
If you’re using thick net you can simply paint ghost eyes and mouth and place your ghost in the garden.
If you’re  using small, thin piece of fruit net: shape your ghost, cut eye holes and mouth hole,tie the top using a small string or rubber band, glue together all the loose ends (if any), paint  circles around eye holes and a mouth hole and place ghost in a jar. I’ve painted jar with glow in the dark paint as well.

*Fairy jars*

Shopping list:

– mason jars
– glowsticks or glow in the dark paint (or both)
– small painting brush
– glitter (optional)
– halloween confetti (optional)

Here are some fairy jars tutorials.
If you would like to use glowsticks.
If you would like to use glow in the dark paint .

You can use both technics and add confetti and lots of colourful glitter. I’ve choosed to make it simple.

*Jack o lanterns*

Prepare your pumkins :
– two tips to make your jack o lantern last longer ( 1 , 2)
–  how to carve a pumpkin – great tip!

We’ve  used this pattern to create the scary one.

We didn’t use  any patterns to create the puking one. We’ve just googled “puking jack o lantern” pics.

Leaf jar tutorial.

Shops and prices:

Poundworld: glowsticks (£1), cobwebs with spiders (£1),plastic witch cauldron,
plastic goblets (£1), plastic (battery operated) candle (£1)

Poundstretcher: 6 smiling plastic pumkins (to make outdoor garland) – £1
Ebay: glow in the dark paint ( £2.50-£5.50 ),foil posters and scene setters (around £3)

Lidl: heather £2.50,skeleton £2.50 ,carving pumpkins (£1 each)
Sainsbury’s: 5 jack o lantern led balloons (£ 3.50), halloween garland £1,
2 munchkin pumpkins (2 for £1.50), wooden witch broom £1,
indian corn (3 for £2.50)

To take haunted house tour click here.
DIY glowing in the dark, halloween tree in a jar tutorial.



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