Glowing in the dark, creepy, halloween tree – DIY mason jar craft

Glowing in the dark, creepy, halloween tree – DIY mason jar craft.

It’s halloween jar crafts time!

What you will need:

– 8 cm high twig (use Hawthorn, Pyracantha coccineaor Sorbus aucuparia twigs for the best results )
– mason jar with lid
– PVA glue
– glow in the  dark paint
– some brushes, small spatula
– small moss pieces ( do not destroy actual, living plant; try to  find small, dead pieces, that feel out the roof or are lying around the ground: in the garden or in wooded areas)
– bark chippings
– fake, black cobwebs (small pieces)
– rubber gloves
– optional :plastic spiders, halloween confetti

* Cut off fruits( I’ve used those lovely, autumn fruits; small, recycled glass container and tea light to make a cute candle; look at the pic at the bottom of this page).
* You can paint “branches” of your “tree” now or wait till its glued to the jar’s lid. Either way, remember to let it dry properly.
* Spread glue evenly across jar’s lid. Glue moss pieces and bark chippings to the lid, leave small space for your “tree” (exactly in the middle), leave  around 1 cm  free space close to edge of the lid ( it could be less, depending on a jar size; just make sure you will be able to screw lid to the jar without any problems).
* Carefuly glue your tree to the  lid. You can glue bottom part of the tree and moss pieces together to make it steadier. Now you can paint branches with glow in the dark paint. If you already did it, you can… paint it some more 😉 Let it all dry for around 10 minutes.

* Prepare cobwebs. Sprinkle them with glow in the dark paint and put them carefuly on the branches. If you want it to look  less creepy and more fun, add some plastic spiders, bats or halloween confetti.I personally, like it creepy:)

* Let it dry for around 1 hr.
* Now you can very gently screw the lid to the jar. Remember to loosen/open the lid once in a while to let the air in.
* Flash your flashlight directly at the jar, let the paint catch as much light as possible! It will glow more at night.

Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series.



Mila Myk

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  1. Mila what a creative use of a mason jar! I’ve seen plenty of mummies but this is my first tree and I love it! Thank You so much for sharing at the Fluster Buster party! See you next week, Lizy party co host

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