"Halloween" movie night, scary hubby and the smoke.

Halloween movie trivia.

Fun facts you ought to know before watching ‘Halloween’ this year.

Imagine that there’s a late, october evening and that you’re watching ” Halloween“(the famous closet scene), you’re taking a peek out the window and you see that there’s fog everywhere. After a moment you realize that is not a fog but a smoke and it’s coming from your neighbour’s house!

It turned out he was burning some leaves in the garden. But still 😉

A bit  later, you’re baking rolls, you’re looking out the kitchen window and that is what you see:

Scary hubby in the garden 🙂

Have you  ever  wondered where houses from “Halloween” are located (or whether they are real or prop houses )? According to seeing stars website, all four houses shown in the film are real (which makes it even spookier). The “old Mayer’s house” wasn’t in the best shape during the filming: it was worn out and abandoned. It was renovated ( and moved to the other side of the street ! )  and currently is used as chiropractic office. The most famouse prop from Halloween movie is, of course, the mask. Not many people know that it is in fact William Shatner’s mask from Star Trek. After  some changes (including spray painting) it was ready to use again and was about to become the scariest serial killer mask ever. And it cost only $ 1.98!  Look how similar both masks look.You can find more Halloween trivia here.

Despite the fact that hubby scared me, rolls turned out just fine 🙂


Halloween movie trivia. Fun facts you ought to know before watching ‘Halloween’ this year.

Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series.

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