Simple Holiday porch decor idea

Simple Holiday porch decor idea


The cheapest porch or patio decor idea. Use nature gifts to make wonderful Christmas swag!

To make this rustic Christmas swag, you will need : pine cones, some kind of greenery ( for example: cupressus, larger clippings from Christmas tree; you can use fake ones as well), eye hooks (4 to 6), thin thread, needle, red ribbon, scissors, wooden/ straw ornaments (optional).


Tie greenery pieces into a bundle using a ribbon. Use needle and thread to fasten pine cones to a greenery. Pierce the middle of the pine cone and drag thread through (see last picture), then fasten pine cone to the twigs. If your pine cones are hard, you can use eye hooks instead of the needle; pierce base of the pine cone when using eye hooks). You can add some rustic ornaments (like straw stars or wooden figurines), if you fancy it.

Hanging a wreath or swag on the front door:

If you would like to hang your swag on the door: you can go classic and use another piece of ribbon and eye hook; you can buy over the door wreath hanger, or (if you have metal or vinyl door) you can use command adhesive hooks and/or strips.

Yep, this snow is fake πŸ˜‰
Happy crafting!Β 

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  1. Hi Mila,

    So nice to meet you! Your pine wreath is very pretty; there’s nothing as lovely as fresh greenery to welcome one’s visitors at the door!

    Thanks for following Poppy View, glad to do the same and looking forward to your posts!


    1. Hi Poppy,it is nice to meet to you too! We’ve trimmed our hedge and use trimmings to do a wreath :)xoxo PS- I really love your blog and your pics are amazing πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Stacy! Your blog is lovely and Chocolate Salt & Sugar Body Scrub recipe sounds amazing. I’m making a jar for my mom this Christmas:) Have a wonderful Holidays!

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