Would you like to live in the castle?

Tantallon Castle is located two miles east of North Berwick (small town in Scotland). This stunning, semi-ruined mid-14th-century fortress is overlooking a Firth of Forthย river forth and offers astonishing view at Bass Rock island.
Here are some pictures we took during the Tantallon Castle tour.

Bass Rock

my romantic home
between naps on the porch
cozy little house
the homey owl

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  1. This are fabulous photos! Not everyone know about Tantallon and it’s really worth the short road trip to see it (and Bass Rock).

    Actually Norther Berwick isn’t such a “small” town anymore. When we started going there it was hard to find a good restaurant. The Marine Hotel is still the best and nowadays there are plenty of good places to eat and as always Martin’s Bakery. The original purpose of the trip 30 years ago was for the golfer-in-the-family to play the fine golf course there and since that time have made a ton of very good friends – there truly are no “dour” Scots in North Berwick!! Thanks for pictures of a place that truly show it off and know you must have had an absolute blast.

  2. I love castles. I really liked that one shot you took where its peering through a circular space. what a great place to visit! Thank you for linking up for Travel Tuesday. x

    1. Thanks Melanie, hope you will be able to visit someday ๐Ÿ™‚ The most astonishing thing is, that back in a day, some of the castles and palaces were owned by private people.Tantallon was built and owned by William Douglas- a Scottish magnate.
      Have a great week!

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