Gardener’s Calendar-March

Gardener's calendar-March

It’s time for:

Tidying up dead leaves,weeding

Mulching,Adding organic soil,Raking

Pruning dead branches: read more about pruning roses and fuchsias here.

Shaping plants and shrubs: Lavender,Hydrangea,Wisteria,Honeysuckle

Planting summer flowering bulbs such as Dahlias, Begonias and Alliums.
Put some organic soil and grit/crushed eggshels at the bottom of the planting hole.

Planting perennials  : you can read  about easy-care, shade-loving perennials here.

Dividing snowdrops after flowering

Protecting plants from overnight frost:
Big plants and shrubs – use fleece
Small plants, flowers – use upside down flower pots and jars

Let’s get to work! Happy gardening 🙂







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