4 Easy Easter eggs crafts

4 easy easter eggs crafts
1- Nail polish decorating

Nail polish decorating-Easter eggs crafts

First you need to hollow out eggs. (It’s gross, I know :/)

You will need:
– eggs
– needle
– bowl

hollowing an egg

I’ve  used traditional method:

– wash egg with soapy water
– use a thick  needle to pierce  two holes in rounded ends of the shell (make one hole bigger than the other)
– put needle  into the hole and break the yolk
– blow into the small hole, egg content will come out at the other end (remember to do this over a bowl)
– wash empty shells with soapy water

What you will need for decorating:

– empty egg shells
– food colouring or egg dye (few drops or half a teaspoon if it is a powder)
– nail polish (few different  colours)
– toothpicks (optional)
– empty glass or tumbler
– plastic container
– boiling water (half a glass)
– lukewarm water
– vinegar (one tablespoon)
– tablespoon, teaspoon, fork

Mix food colouring or egg dye , vinegar and boiling water in a glass.
Place egg shells in the glass. Use a teaspoon or a fork to keep the egg shells under the water. After few minutes, take egg shells out of the water and leave it to dry.

Prepare plastic container half full of lukewarm water. Pour a  drop of nail polish into the  water. After few seconds you should be able to see  a  layer forming on the water surface . Add another drop of nail polish (place it in the middle of existing stain) and then add another  and  another. It should create  sticker/stencil on the water surface .  You can “paint” a flower ( using drop by drop method) or  swirl  colours around using a toothpick.
Carefully press an egg towards water surface, the stencil should apply immediately.
You can adjust your pattern with a toothpick, remove excess nail polish from the sides and leave it to dry.

Nail polish decorating- Easter eggs crafts
Easter decor
I’ve  used this exact same method to decorate mason jars.

2- Leaf print

Easter egg leaf pattern

You will need:
– hard boiled eggs
– egg dye
– some herb leaves
– nylon stocking
– glass
– boiling water (half a glass)
– vinegar (one tablespoon)
– rubber band
– teaspoon

Combine: egg dye ,vinegar and boiling water in a glass.
Place the leaf against the egg  and slip the egg into a piece of nylon stocking.
You can secure end of the stocking with a rubber band .

dying egg leaf pattern
dying egg leaf pattern
Place egg  in a glass. You can secure egg with a teaspoon to make sure the whole egg is evenly covered with coloured water.
Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.Take egg out of the water.
Leave it to dry with stocking on or remove stocking immediately to make more artistic, smudgy look.

easter eggs crafts

3-Smudgy look

Smudged easter egg

You will need:
– egg dye or food colouring (2 colours)
– glass
– boiling water (half a glass)
– vinegar (one teaspoon)
– cotton bud

Dye hard boiled egg using method described above (2) . Leave it to dry.  Dip damp cotton bud  in a food colouring powder or egg dye powder (use different  colour this time) and make colourful  smudges and  lines on the egg shell  surface.

Smudged easter egg
easter eggs

4-Cracked egg shells

egg shells

You will need:
– cracked egg shells
– egg dye
– glass
– boiling water
– vinegar

Gently remove all egg remains from egg shells. Dye egg shells using methods shown above (1) ,(2), (3).You can leave it in the glass for 10 minutes- inside of the cracked egg shell will be coloured beautifully!

You can use cracked egg shells to make some funny Easter decor: hatching chickens, crazy chickens balloon trip .

Happy Easter crafting!


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