Gardener’s Calendar- April


It’s time for:

Sowing new lawns or repair bare patches

Mulching rose and shrub beds

Pruning heathers

Sowing directly in to  the ground: nasturtium, sunflower, china aster, lavatera trimestris

Setting snail traps – read more about it here


What is happening in my  garden :

Pruning lantana camara

I’ve planted beautiful Lantana Camara last summer. That is how it looked like in the  summer and early fall:

Lantana camara Lantana camara

Now it’s all woody stems.

Lantana camara after winter

It’s  not  very sunny, so there’s no sign of new stems. It’s time to encourage lanatana to grow and that means solid spring pruning. If you have lantana in your garden, here are  some tips : cut the lantana down to within 6 to 12 inches above the ground and remove all old, woody stems. Trim out any brown, moldy stems and leaves.


Planting clematis


I’ve just planted clematis. In my opinion, this is the one of the most beautifully blooming plants. The cutting is so tiny and fragile! I’ve protected bottom of the plant from possible overnight frost.


Happy gardening!

Lovely, handcrafted garden stools


between naps on the porch




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7 Replies to “Gardener’s Calendar- April

  1. I learned that clematis likes cool feet so if you put a brick or tile paver at the roots the plant really likes it.

    In the past I didn’t have luck with lantana I thought because I had mostly shade. Now I wonder if it would have done better using your pruning tips. I will remember your tip. Coming by from Savvy Southern Style.

    1. Thank you Bonnie,that’s a great tip!
      I hope you’ll have better luck with your next lantana!
      Although mine is planted in a sunny spot, there is no sun at all this spring 🙁 Fingers crossed for all lantanas;)

  2. Oh dear. I thought my lantana was dead. I cut off all the dead branches and started pulling it out and then noticed some tiny green shoots at the base. I watered it and hopefully it will make it. I planted clematis for the first time so I’m looking forward to seeing if it can survive my green thumb.

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