What is your decorating style? Choosing houses – practical versus romantic.

What is your decorating style? It’s not easy for me to answer that question. I look at all the different decor sites and blogs and I like almost every decor style I see: vintage, minimalism, southern, victorian, cozy,bohemian – you name it, I will probably like it !

I absolute love Rachel Bilson  apartment!

I’m diggin’ te 60′ as well:

I’m a grey/greish walls maniac! Awesome craft btw.

I’m dreaming about home cinema in the basement!

How cool is this one !? Bedroom at night blew my mind!

Marquis residence, Miami. Troy Dean Interiors.

I like cabin look as well.

Coziness absolute! Farm house designed by Total Concepts.

I’ve recently read Brenda’s  tagline: “Bloom where you were planted” and I thought “That’s it! “. That’s the decorating “style” I like! I love when people bloom where they were planted, I like the passion- no matter what their actual style is.
Our recent home is an apartment in a victorian building and ‘man oh man’ this building’s got issues! For example: the plumbing. When it rains (and it rains a lot) you can  smell sludge from our toilet. Far from glamorous, huh? When I first saw the apartment I thought : it has a lot of potential, but I didn’t think of the downsides of living in an old building. And because we rent, we can’t change much about insulation, plumbing etc. Choosing this apartment wasn’t the most practical choice, which made hubby cringe A LOT over the last month. My promise to myself : I would be more practical next time ( it would be in 5 months) and hopefully I will still be able to  find something more or less stylish . And most important thing I need to remember is, that you can bloom wherever you were planted!

Check out our living room tour and our bedroom tour.



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