Why are we still having a slug problem in our garden?

There are couple of reasons:

1- First of all: because I didn’t listen to my own advice and I planted flowers that are slug magnets. I was lured by beautiful and colourful pansies and nemesias! Slugs bought bigger pants, brought cutlery and had al fresco dinner.

2- I didn’t set traps that worked well in my previous garden.Last year I poured organic liquid (instead of beer) into the  traps and slugs went crazy!

drunk snail

Yes, they got drunk!:-)

I couldn’t find this eco-liquid in any shop this year and beer-traps and copper tape didn’t help much to be honest.

3-The other thing is: slugs in my new garden are much bigger and there is loads of them! The cute, little frog that lives in our garden is too small to eat these giant anacondas!

4-We don’t have a hedgehog. And we CAN’T have one, because hubby would like to pet it, name it and love it with all his heart and you CAN’T do that with wild animals! Believe it or not, he tried to catch hedgehog once. He has special gloves :-O

Pansies and nemesias are pretty much gone. I’m planning to buy new flowers and I’m going to stick strictly to my list!
Either that or I let hedgehog-obsessed husband build hedgehog home (or Elmyra trap, as I call it) in the bushes.

elmyra be mine


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7 Replies to “Why are we still having a slug problem in our garden?

  1. Hi Mila,
    I feel your pain! lol. I have had many slug problems over the years and have finally found an answer. I use empty egg cartons and put slug bait those. I cut off the ends so the slugs can get it and put rubber bands around it so that other animals cannot get into it. It works like a slug motel and once it’s full, it’s easy to get rid of without a mess. I put it in the bushes around the garden and at the edge of the lawn behind shrubs.
    I hope that helps. Good luck!

  2. Robyn is right the egg cartons work and I have another tip too….do you know those cheap little copper scubby’s that scrub pots and pans? If you tear those into one lonnngggg strip….wind it around your beautiful plant, the slugs don’t like to get scratched so they won’t cross it. I would only use the copper ones not the ones with the blue powder / bleach….so you don’t harm your garden with chemicals.

  3. Wow you do have big slugs! We get them too, but not nearly as big. Have you tried sprinkling diatemaceous earth or crushed eggshells around your plants? It is supposed to irritate and cut so they don’t go near. Thank you for sharing this and your cute kitchen and Inch House tour at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


    1. Thanks for the tip- I haven’t try diatomaceous earth!
      Unfortunately,they are not bothered by eggshells and cocoa mulch.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Have a great weekend

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