Our apartment is a joke!

For those of you, who have just started reading our whiny story, here is a quick recap: we’ve moved into our apartment  May 2014 (full house tour), after very unexpected notice from our previous landlord (previous house tour). This apartment seemed like a really good choice at the time ( considering scotland’s market). The price was ok, it looked ok. But hubby warned me. He was soooo soooo against renting this place.

We didn’t have to wait long for a first ‘surprise’. Mould in the bedroom was revealed the day previous tenants removed their furniture and so it happened that, that was the day when we’ve got our keys . After quick refurbishment, house seemed ok for a moment, but then this awful gutter smell started to appear every now and then. Old plumbing, I suppose? Definitely, not appetizing while eating dinner!

Then (beginning of the July), all the main lights in the house went off and search for a connection block revealed mud, mould and bad electricity job underneath the floorboards (cables in the mud, clumsy cable connections).
mould cables Ain’t that pretty? 😉

We still don’t have  main light in the kitchen (no window there, dark as a foggy night!). I wash dishes with the kind help of a desk lamp. And I dare not to fantasise about making a toast at the same time- not enough sockets!

But it used to be worse – we didn’t have any main lights in the apartment for over a month.

And now onto  revenge of the machines…

Hob is turning off by itself, during cooking. The knob is definitely on, but there’s no fire. I never smelled any gas though, maybe it shuts down automatically?

Smoke alarm went off  in the middle of the night without any reason- no fire, no smoke, not even a cigarette haze! It wasn’t a normal smoke alarm sound (I’ve heard few before #burnt chops), it was like the whole neighborhood was on fire! Concerned neighbours started to appear in the windows, before we’ve finally disassembled the thing . I considered beating it with a broom, till its death.We changed batteries several times and the same thing happened again and again. Rise of the machines!

Door bell went off  4 o’clock in the morning and then several times during the day,but nobody was at the door. I seriously thought about ghosts for a brief moment! But, apparently, that often happens with wireless door bells .

Because of all the dampness, slugs started to visit the apartment – ugh !
You’re putting clean,fresh clothes on and you can feel they are damp. Actually,we can wear wet towels from now on – it would not make much of a difference. We keep apartment well ventilated,we turn heating on often. Our current, summer bill was bigger than our winter bill from a previous house. We’ve got 4 moisture absorbents in the bedroom alone, but to be honest, there is not much you can do, when you live over a swamp. I’m expecting beavers to start building dams and lodges under the floor, any day now.
Oh, and did I mention, I’m allergic to mould? 😀

This apartment definitely added a lot in terms of entertainment value to our live. Regardless of that, I’ve just asked landlord for a rent discount and I’m waiting for a response. Either way, we’ve got only two months left on the lease!

Do you thing I should move to upside down house or to a Munsters Mansion?
univ_munsters_003 source

Munsters Mansion seems to be in a better shape than our place. I can wear a wig and feed the dragon, that lives underneath the stairs.
lily munster source

I wore Lily Munster wig on Halloween once and it suited me 🙂
halloween xx








between naps on the porch






















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6 Replies to “Our apartment is a joke!

  1. OMG you poor thing, I would run screaming from that place and type a very long letter to your landlord saying if he decided to sue you for breaking the lease then you would show the judge the 100 pictures of mold, slugs and the everything else that’s wrong with the place….It sounds like it is time to get out before you get hurt.

  2. I’m sure you could easily say the lease is void and leave now considering the conditions you are living in. If the super says you won’t get the deposit back tell him you’ll call the health dept. and sue him. Get out NOW!! Mold is DEADLY.

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