Garden update

That was the first and will be my last summer in this apartment, so I would like to share a quick garden update with you.

Some of you may remember our back garden makeover (May 2014).
before-after garden makeover

This is how the garden looked like late August an early September…

(Before I show you pics, I must admit that I didn’t pay that much attention to this garden. I was weeding (except the first big clean up) maybe  once since we’ve moved in ( ups!). But I still think it doesn’t look so bad, which means  it is super easy to maintain and that is always a goood thing, right ? ;))


Beautiful nasturtiums…

Beautiful nasturtiums

Beautiful nasturtiums
Garden in August Roses
Fuchsias and roses


sunny afternoon

Mirror view from the apartment…
View into the garden

Rainy day…

rainy day...

Rainy day... roses

Beautiful, late afternoon in August…



august fuchsia August



Hydrangeas getting darker…
Hydrangeas getting darker fuchsia

You can always count on fuchsias! And they are slug proof too! Check out 24 plants slugs won’t eat here.



Rainy September…
Rainy September... Nature’s jewelry…
nature's jewelry

nature's jewelry

nature's jewelry


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Also, I’m hosting FALL THEMED link party on Friday the 10th October 2014 at 5pm CDT .
Be sure to drop by, say hello and link up your amazing creations!

Big Autumn Bash Link Party!




between naps on the porch










Mila Myk

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21 Replies to “Garden update

  1. Hi Mila, Lovely garden and lovely photos. I especially love all the ones with water drops. Is there really such a thing as slug-proof plants…lol. I can count on one hand the amount of times I planted something bullet proof just to have it munched up happily by the resident slug and snail population…both here in my garden in Vancouver and in Oxfordshire. Actually, better make that count with one finger. I think that the Eryngium got away without being munched one year. 😀

    1. Oh my 🙁 Sorry about your plants! After slugs ate all my pansies and other beauties, I decided to stick to the list and all plants made it ! The amount of slugs we have is overwhelming, so I was shocked they left my flowers alone :-O
      Good luck next year Veronica ! I know how frustrating it can be :/

  2. Your little garden has lots of colourful flowers and you’ve captured some delightful photos after a rain, including the spider web. It is interesting that you have been observant about the plants slugs will eat, or at least taste and made a list which I checked out.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Mila.

  3. I just love the first two pictures, before and after… The difference is impressive : you did a fine job reorganizing plants and pots. And you serie of flower macro is really stunning. It is always a pleasure to discover so much beauty in the world.

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