Glowing in the dark faces

Super-easy halloween craft to do with your kids !

Glowing in the dark faces

To make glowing in the dark faces you will need:

– glow in the dark paint
– small brush
– cardboard
– scissors
– adhesive tape
– pencil

Use a pencil to draw eyes ,teeth and nose on the cardboard. Cut out eye & tooth and nose- shaped pieces and paint them using glow in the dark paint (you can paint entire surface or just the borders). Left them to dry. You can add another layer of paint. Let it dry properly as well. If you want to use your faces during Halloween only – let them catch as much light as possible during the day and then tape them to the cupboard/wall/mirror using adhesive tape.The darker place the better! If you want your faces to scare you for a week or more, attach the faces to a surface in a brightest spot in the house  (in a direct sunlight if possible).

Glowing in the dark faces

Garden version
If you want to make your faces waterproof, do cut-outs from thin plastic container (one coloured ice cream container will do) .Use two sided adhesive tape to attach faces to the pots or fences.

Glowing in the dark face

Happy Halloween Crafting!

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  1. This is so much fun. I want to use this idea and do a person on a big cardboard cutout..then in the dark it will look like a holographic ghost or least that is what it looks like in my head lol. Stopping by from LiveRandomlySimple Totally Terrific Tuesday Link Up Party! Thanks for linking up last week! Party is NOW live, hope you can make it back and link up some more awesome content!!

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