Outdoor fall decorating ideas.

Outdoor fall decorating ideas.

Bunch of lovely autumny, patio & garden decorating ideas. Spotted in Germany during October walks.
Part of ‘Little Things Fall & Halloween’ series.

Charming decorative pumpkin- sultan’s hat (as it is called colloquially). It’s a real beauty, this one! No additional decor needed.

Outdoor fall decor ideas

Funny scarecrow 🙂

Outdoor fall decor ideas

Outdoor fall decor ideas

Few ideas from shop vignettes:

I love hay decor!

Outdoor fall decor ideas

Foam pumpkins are very practical. All the cuteness and none of the fuss:

Outdoor fall decor ideas

Outdoor fall decor ideas

Not necessarily fall decor, but it has this autumny, rustic feel:

Outdoor fall decor ideas


I took all these pics four years ago during a trip to Germany.





Big Christmas Link Party







between naps on the porch

Mila Myk

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5 Replies to “Outdoor fall decorating ideas.

  1. Lovely photos. My favorite is the third one; beautiful colors! I have German heritage on my father’s side and have always thought it would be nice to visit Germany. Your photos give me an every day image of the country. I like it. Thank you. xxx ~ Nancy

    1. Thanks for visiting Nancy! 🙂 I love Germany! It is so… clean hahaha! And people really put their hearts into decorating and maintaining gardens & yards. Hope you will visit Germany soon!

  2. Hey Mila! Thanks for stopping by. I lived in Nuremberg Germany for 2 years. I use to ride my bicycle right down town in all that traffic. Get on the subway and explore the city. It was a real adventure for me. Hope you will visit me again. Hugs 🙂

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