Hosting Christmas & thrifty finds

Christmas Last year’s photo.

I’m hosting Christmas this year.That might be interesting, because I passed Monica Geller phase


and I’m more Paris Geller now…


I’m just kidding :-D. It is going to be stress – free. I do hope 😉

My friends just rented cute, little store. There was bunch of stuff that previous renter left behind and my friends didn’t want, so I was immediately all over that stuff ( junk vulture!).

For example: this cute chalkboard.

chalkboard and labrador

Chalkboard and one sleepy labrador.

We can put it on the wall later on. Hopefully, in our new place.

Leaving you today with bunch of Christmas-related questions:

What is your favourite Christmas movie? Mine is Christmas in Connecticut (1992 version).

What food are you preparing? I’m still working on a list.

And how’s your decorating going? I’m faaar behind.






between naps on the porch









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5 Replies to “Hosting Christmas & thrifty finds

  1. I’m not sure what my fav movie is…there are too many of them. The food preparation will probably be ham and cheesy potatoes. My decorating is done, but I keep seeing so many things on other blogs that I’d like to make. I do still have a shelf that I’m not sure what to do with though, so I probably won’t do anything with it this year.

  2. I love both the Monica’s lol. I have so many favorite Christmas movies and I am making Brisket on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day for breakfast Christmas Crepes and then dinner Hamburger Casserole Caesar Salad and Homemade Bread. Yum.

  3. A Christmas Carol, the George C. Scott version (~1981). My tradition is to shop for food-stuffs at the Pike Place Market on 12/24–German sausages, French brie, a baguette or two, cookies, wild king salmon, fruits and veggies from the many vendors. The tree is up … but the abode could use some more tweaking (decorating.) I prefer to snack on all my Market delicacies throughout Christmas day rather than a big, formal meal. The day starts with coffee and at some point, a cocktail or two.

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