Wooden chalkboard name tags – Christmas craft

Wooden chalkboard name tags

To make wooden chalkboard name tags you will need:

– wooden board
– pencil
– ruler
– saw
– brush x 2
– chalkboard paint
– faux decorative twigs
– decorative ribbon
– pva glue
– scissors
– chalk


Cutting boards:
– Use a pencil and a ruler to mark  your cut (just to make sure it is straight).
– Use a saw to cut wooden board into small pieces .

wooden chalkboard name tags

Painting wood pieces with chalkboard paint:
– Remember to stir your paint thoroughly.
– Try to use as little paint as possible (  less paint = less bulges )
– Take your time: Make sure paint has dried completely on one side, before you paint another( leave paint to dry for at least half an hour).

wooden chalkboard name tags

Wooden chalkboard name tags

Cut off some fake greenery and use pva glue to attach bits and pieces to wooden tags.

wooden chalkboard name tags

Tie decorative ribbon around the tag.

Wooden chalkboard name tags

Prime your chalkboard  – rub chalk over the entire board surface and then erase it.

wooden tags
Now you can write guest names or create funny images.

wooden tags

Happy Crafting!


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