Buying furniture, spring flowers and eclipse…

We’ve just bought a table and four chairs to refurbish for whopping £10 (15 USD).



As you can see, the table has fair amount of scratches, but I kinda like the dark veneer.
( And I just love this jar!).
I’m planning to go crazy with spray paint color when it comes to painting table & chair legs (they are metal).


I love the ’60’s style’ shape of the chairs!

And here’s some furniture I didn’t buy for various reasons (size, hubby threatening to leave):

I really liked this 60’s dresser. And look at the price!

60s dresser I loved  the unusual, quirky shape ! I was planning to completely change the color though.

Still, I decided that this lovely dresser is too big & overwhelming for our living room. I’m still on the lookout…

Vintage school desk. I wanted it to be hubby’s desk, but again, it’s to large!

vintage desk And to hurry up spring, here’s a pic of beautiful, pink (it’s my favourite color lately) tulips .


Vintage mirror (waiting to be refurbished) in the background.

Also, we’ve experienced an spectacular eclipse this past Friday, so here’s hubby snapshot of that occurrence.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend!








between naps on the porch

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  1. I love the old antique desk. I wish we had a place in our house for it. Though, I’m sure that I would be nervous about someone breaking it or spilling coffee on top of it. The tulip photos are beautiful, too.

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