Thread Easter Eggs!

Thread Easter Eggs

As I’ve got some leftover water balloons (don’t ask ;)), I thought it’s a great opportunity to have some crafty Easter fun. I decided to make thread Easter eggs. I’m sure you stumbled upon that craft on pinterest or youtube before.

To make thread Easter eggs, you will need:

Thread Easter Eggs what you need

-water balloons
-colorful thread
-mod podge/pva glue
-paint brush
-piece of string

You might need:

– plastic container
– toilet roll tubes

1-Blow up water balloons until they are about 10 cm tall.

2- It’s mod podge time ! They are 2 ways to do it:

-cover the whole balloon with glue, wrap thread all around it. Use a brush to soak the thread in glue some more (you can use toilet tubes as stands while doing that)

Thread Easter Eggs balloon


-fill plastic container with glue and soak the thread in it (remember to hold to the end of the thread and to leave it unsoaked)


Tip: while wrapping the thread around the balloon, leave one bigger hole.You might find it useful when it’s time to remove bits and pieces of the balloon from inside the egg.


4-Leave it to dry. To make sure eggs dry evenly, attach them to a string and hang them in the warm place.Make sure they don’t touch any walls, appliances etc. It’s best to leave them to dry for a night. Make sure the thread is dry when you pop the balloon!

5-Poppin’ time! Use needle or scissors to pop the balloon. Remove remains of the balloon from inside the egg.

I decide to cut the top of the egg off, to make room for faux easter chick. If you want your egg to be half open, you can design it while wrapping thread around the ballon or wait till it’s dry and then cut a bit of thread out.

Glue might leave thin lid between the threads. If you’re concerned about that, use liquid starch instead of mod podge.

just chillin

Happy Crafting!





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