Kitchen update

Kitchen Update

A month and a half passed since we’ve moved in and it’s definitely time for a kitchen update.

Stainless steel & different (50?;)) shades of grey is a way to go in that kitchen.

Kitchen update

Stainless steel breadbox:

bread box

Our microwave was barely used (we used landlord’s microwave when we rented), but it was kept in a dark storage and became all yellowish. We use it for now ( it’s getting whiter, as we put it in a fairly bright spot), but we might spray paint  door grey or buy new one ( a stainless steel one) to match other appliances.


Another ‘Oscar’s home’ Ikea bin. This time we’re using it as a trash can, not storage 😉

I’m planning to lay tiles on the wall above wash basin and light area up with some wall art or vintage coffee neon (or both).




I really love fridge and freezer! They are big compared to what we used to have. To be honest, for the first time we’ve got proper (maybe ‘normal’ is more appropriate  word) sized kitchen.


Lots of space in the cabinets.There’s room for everything.


Cute polka dot drawer liners.

Cute polka dot drawer liners








between naps on the porch



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8 Replies to “Kitchen update

  1. Your kitchen is great. Love the stainless steel bread box! WOW…looks like a big and nice kitchen. Thanks for visiting me. Made me smile. Think I need to link up to the party. I appreciate the invite. The features are great. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Lovely kitchen. I love the simplicity of the colors and the clean lines. The splash of color in the drawer liners is a nice hidden gem.

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