Led lights, bare walls & neons

We’ve got new, colorful led lights in the kitchen.

led lights

led lights

led lights

They make the space look more cozy and interesting in the evening.

led lights

As this is a new building, cracks are starting to appear here and there. We’ll wait till building settles and we will put tiles on the wall in the kitchen basin area. I do everything with a bang, which means I’m washing up with a splash!
This area needs protection from my nervous energy. In the meantime, we might put some wall art up.

These are the type of tiles I fancy.

mosaic tiles

mosaic tiles


They are quite pricey though!

I’m really trying to be bolder with colors.
When it comes to living room & kitchen, I’m thinking about yellow, orange & coral accents and greys & mocha/latte as two main colors.

I’m not an alcohol drinker, but I would love some vintage beer or coffee neons on my kitchen walls!

We also need to choose kitchen lamp shade.

led lights

I just decided on two shades for the living room. This is an open plan kitchen and there are three light fittings (one in the kitchen and two in the living room) fairly close to each other, so everything needs to make an overall sense and I might have a problem with that 😉


Let me know what you think in the comments!




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  1. Mila, I love the good coffee sign for your kitchen, my whole kitchen theme is coffee, so of coarse, that’s what I would go with…ha! I’m not good at picking out lamp shades. I’m sure it will be nice which ever on you go with.

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