20+ crafty ways to decorate with sharpies

Another hometalk fun!

20+ crafty ways to decorate with sharpies !

Some of these ideas blow my mind. It’s amazing what simple marker can do to your decor.

Sharpie decorating ideas

There’s been an ongoing discussion about making sharpie patterns last forever (especially on jars, mugs and plates).
I used some of the pinterest tips while making my christmas mugs.

DIY Sharpie Christmas Mugs
Did my mugs survive 6 months of washing?
(First of all, I need to stress that I took them out of the oven earlier than advised and I haven’t tried washing them in dishwasher so far).
Silver one looks good, but the image is slowly getting more and more shabby. Brown one barely lasted a month.
Maybe some colors last longer than others, or maybe it was because gold & brown sharpies (although completely new), seemed a bit dry in the first place. Also, my cheap mugs seemed to be better quality than I expected.
What will I do next time?
1. I’ll use fair amount of sharpie! Spots where the layer of sharpie is the thickest, look the best.
2. I’ll use even cheaper mugs!
3. I won’t buy sharpies over internet. I’ll try all sharpies out before buying.

Happy Crafting :)





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    1. You’re welcome. Crafting with sharpies is super relaxing. It’s a great, no fuss craft idea for rainy days (we have many of these,here in the UK ;))

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