100$ room decorating challenge

100$ room decorating challenge

It’s time to start long overdue decorating in our living room. I mean: IT’S TIME! If I don’t do it, my head will explode into thousand tiny pieces.


I’m longing for the decor!

The challenge is: to spend as less money as possible (duh), to be super creative (duh!), to refrain myself from buying everything in Ikea (duh!!).

What living room desperately needs:

– 2 lampshades ( yes, I still haven’t bought them! :))
-spray paint/paint (for coffee tables, dining table and chairs)
-some decor (empty walls look lame and my plans are bigger than the Jurassic World budget)
-small table (for my stuff)
-storage box for hubb’s stuff

Time to do it all: one month

Budget: 100$ (£70)

Notes: DIY as much as possible, use as much reclaimed items as possible, don’t go to IKEA, unless you really, really have to!

Words of consolation: At least we have a sofa!

So here we go! It will be part of Summer of DIY’s challenge.





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