Living room decorating update

For the past few years, my books were stored at friend’s loft, far away, outside the UK. Just recently, they have all arrived to Edinburgh in 8 giant boxes. It changed our decorating plans completely. It became clear that bookshelves should be our priority (unless, we want turn our living room in a book maze attraction).


Floating shelves  became a distant memory (a luxury that could only hold nick nacks).

no shelves

So, we bought used bookshelf over the internet. Girl was selling ex’s stuff, because he has stopped paying his part of the rent after they agreed to divorce ( I know!). Actually, the girl expressed her wish to sell ex, but because that was impossible, she decided to sell his stuff instead ( I know!!). Anyway, the shelf fits perfectly! It’s dark brown & black in the daylight. It cost us 45 pounds.

living room decorating ideas

living room decorating ideas
Do you remember my £70 (100$) room decorating challenge? Well, it looks like I went overboard with the budget already. I’m really crappy at taking challenges. Speaking of which….Do you think I refrained myself from buying stuff in Ikea? Of course not! I bought some small decorative pieces though: cacti set, candles, decorative storage boxes.

living room decorating ideas


bookshelf decor


bookshelf decorating ideas

bookshelf decorating ideas

Grandad’s music sheets (more on that later):

music sheets

storage box

storage boxes

£70 (100$) room decorating challenge update :

2 lampshades
-spray paint/paint (for coffee tables, dining table and chairs)
some decor 
-small table (for my stuff)
storage box for hubb’s stuff (plan abandoned)

Time to do it all: one month 2 and a half weeks

Budget: 100$ (£70)  no money left, went £27 overboard

Unplanned  extras : bookshelf

The whole cost of decorating living room so far :

sofa £95
dining table and 4 chairs  £10
– bookshelf £45
– decorations £13
– paints (Yes, I actually bought paints for my small DIY projects ;)) £16
shades £23

= £202 total




living room decorating ideas

Well, I failed the challenge, but I will try to make the best of it!








show and tell friday



between naps on the porch




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  1. I wouldn’t stress too much about going over budget – these things will all be with you a while and you’ve done a terrific job putting things together; all without the help of a paid “interior designer”. Kudos to you! Love everything (well maybe not the pink shrimp bugs so much).


  2. LOL! You may have failed the challenge, but I love the shelf! The shape is so cool and you decorated it so well! Thanks for linking this to WAYWOW linkup, your redesign is so inspiring to me. And i need some of those lampshades, they really fit into our decorating style!

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