Olive tree and weird creatures

The other day, I bent over to pick up something that
was lying on the carpet( I thought it was a piece of plastic bag ) and I saw this:

lawn shrimp

What on earth is THAT? Super big flea dressed up as a flamingo (it is clearly pinkish!)???
A shrimp??? Why would I find a shrimp or massive flamingo flea on my carpet, unless I finally
went completely bonkers??
The first suspect was the discounted olive tree from Ikea:

olive tree in the living rooom

First suspect.

Well, maybe it was discounted for a reason ( like: pink bugs camp inside the pot)…

we come in peace

At least they suit my recent color theme.

After a thorough internet search (pink insects,pink bugs,home bugs,what lives in the North Sea), I have finally found them under ‘shrimp like creatures’. They are called ‘lawn shrimp’ and it became pretty
clear that pink bugs gang lived inside the stuff I brought from the beach few days ago.

stuff from the beach (#ineedallthisstuffformycrafts #theseareprecious #idontcarethatgiantpinkbugsliveinit)

I brought some driftwood, small rocks, giant rock, shells and, apparently, a bunch of Loch Ness monsters.

lawn shrimp Happy family.

These creatures live mostly in California ( Yeah, right….Edinburgh looks nothing like Cali to me!), they love beaches ( who doesn’t?) and mud. They jump just like fleas (gross). When it’s too wet or too dry they escape and die during
the great escape. You can find them under the rocks and in the grass (especially if you live in the
beachy area). They are also called house hoppers and amphipods (official name). They become
pinkish after they die. They don’t bite humans nor pets. They usually die super quickly after
leaving their natural habitat, so there’s no point in using any chemicals. But if you have a
pot full of very moist soil in your garden or dark wet spot under the bushes,  they might
actually live through bad times and start the colony in the pot/under the bush.  On the second
thought, I might check that olive tree pot after all…

at night

olive tree

olive tree






between naps on the porch




show and tell friday


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